Happy New Year! Welcome 2021!!!

 Yay it is finally here, 2021~

Here is to a lovely year for everyone where we will all become whole again and remain healthy or find our health again. This past year has been no picnic for anyone and I'm the first to say, "Sayonara!" Let's approach our new year with cautious optimism and see what happens next!

Our new HOST CODE is here (Jan 2 through Feb 1, 2021) and it will EARN you a free gift from me. So all you have to do when you order is use it! There's a spot on your "check out" near the bottom that says, "host code" and you type it in and press enter; that's it. It will notify me and I'll send you a free gift. Great deal!!  HOST CODE IS: NGA9Q3DT

If your order is over $150 do NOT use my host code. First of all, for only $99 you can join my team and get $125 in free items (anything you want) from the current catalogs and also get free shipping. So if you have a LARGE order you should do it that way. There's tons of perks to joining my team besides that initial 25% off your first starter kit order. You will receive a perpetual 20% off any further orders as long as you remain an active demonstrator. This time of year we call "Sale-A-Bration" and during these two months (Jan 5 through Feb. 28, 2021) you will get a SECOND huge perk from Stampin Up just for joining my team, FIVE free packs of paper in our newest designer series patterns!! Did I mention that you do NOT pay any shipping on your starter kit? That's a biggie. 

Let me know if you are interested in this option and I'll help you with any additional questions or even help get you signed up. You just go to my website at Join The Fancy Stamper's Team! and click the tab along the top that says "JOIN" just make sure you see my name there first to make sure you are joining the right team!  Not all teams offer the same perks.  :) 

I take a lot of pride in my team and make sure they have all the needed information to get ALL the deals they can at any time, and I'm available for 1 on 1 training from anything from placing your first demonstrator order to finding customers (if you feel like you want to!) Lots of our team members are what we call "Happy Shoppers" and simply join my team to get that great 20% discount!!  EVERY single order; 20% off; what is not to like?

Here's a couple of photos of some of our newest cute projects that you could purchase as part of your starter kit!