December Promotion!

 This is an amazing promotion any way you slice it....who doesn't love FREE SHIPPING?

For my December promotion, you will get FREE shipping on orders you place on my online shopping page. Here are the details:  The order MUST be on my online shopping page and you get there by clicking here: The Fancy Stamper. Next, you need to check at the top of the page to see if it's really MY page and you should see this photo and my name: 

At that point you just go to the tap that says "shop now" and shop to your heart's content. When you are done shopping you will "view your shopping bag" and something like this will come up (most likely with a different total!) 

The space where you see "host code" is where you will insert the host code. Here is my unique host code just for December: PNU46UZV.  Once you enter that it will confirm that you are shopping with ME and you can complete your transaction. When I get the notification via email I'll PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle you the shipping fee, however you prefer.

A couple of details you should remember:  IF you spend more than $149 you will be eligible for earning your OWN host codes and that means that you will NOT be using my host code. I encourage you to do this if you spend more than $149 and earn your own host codes but I won't be paying your WHOLE shipping fee, I'll still pay half of it though! So for orders of $149 or less where you are using your host code I will pay 100% of your shipping fee. This will be paid directly to YOU after your order has gone through. If your order comes to more than $149 and you do not use the host code but instead choose to redeem your host rewards (which is AWESOME) then I'll still pay half your shipping!  

Either way you will WIN! 

Please text, message, or call me if you are confused or need assistance with any of this. This promotion only runs through December 31, 2020.  I have done this promo before (just once) and it was SO popular because we all love free shipping! 

In the meantime, continue to have a wonderful, safe, and happy December! Till next time!