Holiday Grid Paper - Limited Time Only!

Happy Friday, everyone and boy, have I got something cute to share with you!

Check out this cute - but very functional - grid paper that is available for a limited time only on my online shop. Yes, it is HOLIDAY themed!

Super handy to protect your work surface while you are stamping the night away but even better, it is decorated for the holidays.
You can also use this for gatherings or classes you may hold, or just for you! That's probably what I'm doing with the exception of a class or two.

This is available for a limited time before the holidays or while supplies last so get yours soon. Only $9 per pack. You can call me and I'll order for you or just go to my 24/7 secure online shopping page and order anytime. Here is the secure link: Order Here Anytime.

If you need anything else be sure to add it to your order. Our current host code is V4UEUXE6. If you enter that host code on any of your orders I will send you a GIFT!!  The place to put the code is located on the "shopping bag" when you are ordering online, there is a little box at the bottom left of the page. When you are done adding things to your shopping bag just click on the words at the top that say "shopping bag" and it will show you a summary of all your stuff and that is the page you enter the host code on. Just scroll down till you get to the bottom left and there's a box that says "host code" it's that simple!!  I change the host code every few weeks so please check back here to make sure you have the correct one. It is always updated and is seen at the right hand side of the website here at

Or I can do it for you, whichever is easier!! I am always happy to help my lovely customers. :)

Till next time, enjoy your Friday!