A Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On!

Well, it is July 6 and the last few days have been interesting.

Seems Mother Earth decided to have a few little rock and roller here in Southern California and basically, we are all still feeling it.

First there was a 6.4 that turned out to be a fore shock to the 7.1 we had yesterday, but still we are not out of the woods according to the USGS. Dr. Lucy Jones is saying we have a 1 in 11% chance of having a 7.1 or larger (that's the part that gets my attention!) quake within the next 7 days. After that the chances go down exponentially. They say words like "exponentially" a lot on the earthquake channel.

Our home is safe for now and no damage has occurred. We shook pretty hard and things fell off of the shelf, but otherwise nothing. The thing that stood out to me was the length of the shaking, it seemed to go on for minutes instead of seconds. Didn't help that my husband was working nights when it happened so I was by myself. Silly, I know.

Some fun STAMPING stuff is coming up; most imminently, my class this Tuesday. Only two spots available if you are local to Norwalk, California. I'd love to meet with you in person and I'm sure you will love our Simple & Stunning card class. You will go home with completed projects and I'm sure you will love what you create. Class is only $20 (or free with purchase night of class) and everyone always has a great time. AND you get a gift!  Text me to RSVP for this Tuesday's class while there is still room

We are also in the midst of Bonus Days!!
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Check out my Facebook page for all the video tutorials I post; usually every Thursday at 10 am pacific time. This past week I posted on Wednesday due to the holiday but otherwise it is always Thursday. I also do a weekly giveaway on that page as well. Just look up The Fancy Stamper and come check us out!

Have a great rest of your weekend and I will talk to you soon!