Guess What? It's Paper Share Time!!

This is one of the BEST times of the year, almost as good as Christmas!  Why? Because it is PAPER SHARE TIME!

This is exciting because Stampin' Up! is going to release their new annual catalog on June 4th and they have SO many new designer series papers this year. I truly think they have outdone themselves. Last year was pretty impressive but now, I don't know how they did it. Each paper is more gorgeous than the one before, and they have come out with some beautiful colors and patterns that I couldn't even imagine!

What is a Paper Share?

It is a way for you to see, touch, and feel the texture of ALL of the new DSP (designer series paper) at a fraction of the cost. You see, if you were to purchase each package at $11.50 to $14.50 per pack, by the time you got all 13 of them you would have spent a LOT of money.  The way I do it, I purchase all he paper and divide it equally.  Then I re-package each DSP in it's own clear, resealable storage bag that I've clearly labeled with it's name and item number (should you decide you MUST buy more!!) Then I ship them all back to you using Priority shipping. I always include a little free goodie from me to you. This is something I do each time Stampin' Up! comes out with new paper and I started it a few years back just for my customers so they could get a look at all the papers without spending a bundle! Now I open it up to whoever is interested but I put a limit on how many shares I will sell. It takes a lot of time and effort so I just put the limit on for myself to keep my life a little more sane. :)

This year I'm trying a different size sample, in the past I would send everyone 6" x 6" pieces of paper for their samples. Some had mentioned that they felt they were wasting a lot of the DSP, so this year we are doing it in 6" x 12" pieces!  I've worked with this size before and it is true you can do a lot more with it with much less waste. If you join my share this year please let me know how you like the new size.

Check out the photo of all the different styles!

Here's how it works:

Leave me a comment or message me (or even text me!) with your email address. I will send you a PayPal invoice for the paper share and you will pay via that invoice. You do not need a PayPal account to do this.  I will take orders up till June 3rd or when my paper share fills up. On June 4th, I will order all of the paper I need to fulfill our paper share. The paper will all be shipped to me, where I will divide it and cut it and re-package it as I've described above. Then I ship it back out to you!  Depending upon how long it takes Stampin' Up! to get the paper to me, you should have your paper share in your hands by June 11th.  Of course, I'll make sure you have your tracking number so you can see where your bundle of goodness is at any point!!

Please comment or text if you have any questions whatsoever on how this paper share works or about anything else!! My customers who have participated in this share LOVE it and do it yearly.
Cost for the paper share is $48 and includes priority shipping to your door. For that you will get 78 6" x 12" paper samples (equal to 156 6" x 6" samples!) Sign up soon to make sure you get a spot!

Until next time!