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Happy Thursday, everyone!

Thursdays are extra fun for me because that's the day I do my weekly Facebook Live video. This week I shared a super fun, simple, and cute handmade card that matches a fun little gift box. Because we are almost at the point where we are going to be retiring some of our lovely designer series paper, I've been using up as MUCH of it as humanly possible.

Also, if I'm totally honest, I'm also stocking up on some of the paper that I know is retiring just because I love it and don't want to do without it. It's not called hoarding if you use it! Just saying...

I'm going to share the link here but if you go to my FB page you can also see the video there. It is under 30 minutes and if you have your supplies handy you can even make these two cute projects right along with me!

Please comment if you have any questions and if you would like to join my team before June 4 and order some of our NEW product before anyone else gets their hands on it, please let me know. I can definitely help you wth that!!!

Had some trouble with my link, it is running fine on FB. Will fix it and get it posted here as well!! In the meantime just go to my Facebook business page and ALL my weekly live demos are listed there.

Have fun creating with me and I hope to see you LIVE next Thursday at 10 am pacific time!
Till then,