Timeshare Break Time!

We are taking a fun week long break at our yearly timeshare in Carlsbad, California. Luckily it is not a long way from our home (probably about 90 minutes) and yet it is far enough to make us feel like we are in another world.

Outside of the weather being rainy all day Monday, we've had lovely sunny days and crisp nights. We are about 100 feet from the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing is a sound I've always loved. It is so soothing and just makes you feel good!

Here's the sunset the other night, each night it is different even though we are looking at it from the same location. I don't know how they do that!!
Our internet coverage here is not the best but it is ok, we can survive without perfect connectivity with a view like that!

We are sharing our condo with our grandson, Sawyer, and we'll pick up our granddaughter Kiera (who is 7 and cannot miss school!) tomorrow so she can enjoy the rest of the weekend with  us.  So far weather forecast is looking sunny for the weekend, if a bit chilly. We are OK with that. This time of year we are thrilled just to have sun. Here's Sawyer:
He can't wait till Kiera gets here tomorrow afternoon. We have to wait till school's out then we are meeting her halfway - her dad (our son) will bring her to us.

Hope your week is going well and looking forward to our next Facebook LIVE demonstration. Since today's was a wash due to poor internet I'll try to do one late Sunday afternoon when we arrive home. I have some really adorable designs I want to share with you!

Till then!