TEAM Gear!

I've got team gear - well, to be more precise we designed these items over the course of the last two OnStage events. However, now that our team and our customers and followers are growing, we decided to show them off once again in case anyone would like to order any of these Team Gear items.
I'll post pics but they are high quality tee shirts (long and short sleeve) as well as zip front hoodies with my team logo on them. Sizing ranges from XS to 4XL and the fit is generous. There is a sizing chart available so you can just go by your measurements if  you like.
My good friend and fellow demonstrator has a business on ETSY designing and making all sorts of personalized items so if you ever have a need, please check her shop out on ETSY. Her name is Tamra Davis and her shop is called Tada Moments.

 We even had a Yeti-style 30 ounce cup designed that keeps your ice ICY for up to 48 hours. This is a great thing in the summer or for those who LOVE fresh ice in their cups! If you go to Tamra' shop front in ETSY all prices are listed there but she is professional and I highly recommend using her will LOVE the quality!
The cups (and everything she has) has the option of further personalization (for an additional small fee) with your own name if  you desire! For one of our OnStage events I purchased the Yeti-style cups for all members of my team who were attending and had their names put on the cups! When we go to OnStage I ALWAYS bring gifts for my whole team if they are attending OnStage. I appreciate my team and want to always show them how much they mean to me. Together we are strong, alone we struggle. We need each other and I am so grateful that they chose to go on this stamping journey with ME!

This year I've already been sneaky and have put together quite a surprise for my team attending OnStage. There are four of us all together going and each person will get their own package!!  It is so exciting to watch them open their stuff!!

Here is the short sleeved tee shirt, if you want long sleeve just request when ordering. She will make sure she gets you the right sleeve length.
On that note, I am going off to play with my grandkids who are still soundly asleep for now. We are on our last full day of vacation here at the Carlsbad Beach condo. If the weather cooperates we are doing "beach day" in the afternoon. It's been dicey here all week though and it may have to be changed to "pool day" instead. Either way, with my grandkids (who double as FISH) as long as they get to swim they are happy!

Have a fantastic day!