Join My Team of Fancy Stampers!

Good morning, everyone.  It is a beautiful Saturday here...while still a bit chilly the sun is trying to peek through the big fluffy clouds. They are saying rain/snow but right now it is doing neither!

Check this out: the amazing sign up promotion we have currently going on at Stampin' Up is coming to a close. That's right. March 31 it is OVER.  What is this current promotion and how is it different from our regular, awesome sign up deal?  I'll tell you.

Our normal deal is amazing by itself. For only $99 you get to choose any $125 in current product plus Stampin Up sends you tons of free stuff worth about $100. FREE shipping is part of all our starter kits so there's that savings as well. The cherry on top is that you get a perpetual DISCOUNT on all future orders of 20%. That is crazy good!

Our current deal is out of this world!! So far three new team members have joined us and they were SO happy with what they chose for their starter kits. Here's the  new deal:  For the same $99 you get to choose $175 in product. For those of you good at math that is a 76% discount!!  I'm not that great at math and had to google it!  So besides all the free product that YOU choose, you also get free shipping, free extras like a complete Paper Pumpkin kit, tons of catalogs, and a business pack worth $50. It's something like $350 worth of product and you pay only $99. This is a crazy good deal and I've been in Stampin UP for almost 3 years and they have never offered it during my time so far. I hear from the more "mature" demos that they did this about 5 or 6 years ago. By that thought process I do not expect it again for a LONG TIME.

Please take advantage while the deal is here now. If you want the new Craft N Carry Tote there is a way to incorporate that into your starter kit as will pay an additional $30 (but still no shipping) and SU will give you the tote. The tote is only available to new demonstrators. Even current demos cannot get that tote and it is gorgeous. I bought it when it was offered to us and I paid $50 and was happy to do so. It is an awesome tote and I take it everywhere because it just holds so much AND it's gorgeous. If you haven't seen it drop me a comment and I'll post a picture.

So please check all this out and get your wish list ready (with $175 worth of goodies on it!) then head over to my shopping page to sign up. Click on this link and when you get there go to the tab marked "join the fun."

It really couldn't be easier.
Not to mention you would be part of a FUN stamping team with a creative and energetic team leader who loves to encourage and teach her team.

See you soon!