Celebration Continues!

I'm dreaming up a good way to celebrate earning my Silver Elite promotion but in the meantime I will tell you one thing: It will involve me gifting my loyal friends, followers, and even fellow demos with goodies!

I've always loved gift giving, it is just ME. I hand make stuff, have some purchased items, even bigger ticket things; it will be a total surprise what you guys get. Please hang on; you can sure comment here if you like but I will be giving you the information on when it's time to comment for the goodies.

I'll need some addresses too to ship out your stuff!! So when you comment just make sure you also give me your address by using the side bar "contact me" form and leaving me a private message on my web page with your current mailing address.

Thank you all once again for sticking with me on this crafty journey. The decision I made to turn this into my business was a good one. Hard work but oh, so many rewards! I've never shied away from working hard and this is a great example. I hope to be able to be a good role model for my kids and grandkids so they can see that you are never too old to start something new; AND be successful if you want it badly enough.
Aren't these cute baskets adorable?? I learned how to make them earlier this week on a friends' website and I will be sharing them along with ALL the information on them later this week. Those who come to my in person classes in March will be going home with a complimentary basket! It might even be filled with goodies!

Till then!