Winners Announced!

Hey everyone!
I know it's tough getting used to a new format but I'm slowing moving everything to my new website; there are a lot of GREAT reasons for this. Mostly it is so that EVERYTHING can be in a centrally located spot and we can all keep up with each other. With so many different Facebook pages; one for my team, one for my VIPs, one for demonstrators...well, those are great. But for stuff like videos, tutorials, and of course PRIZES, we need to be more organized.

I'm VERY excited to announce our two winners from the "website grand opening" giveaway we had just a few days ago. They are:

Betty Oatsvall &
Trisha Hugulet

Many congratulations to my two winners and I really need you guys to private message me (there's an easy to use form at the right margin of this website) to get me your addresses. I've got something special to send you!!

Thank you to ALL who commented and came to my new website to check out the design. I'm very excited that it is up and running and look forward to little tweaks to get it just right.

Many blessings!!


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Thank you so much Deborah.

    1. You are more than welcome! I really appreciate all your support and helpfulness to me. You've been an inspiration! Thank you for your mailing address, my prizes are going out first thing in the morning and I hope you love it!! <3

  2. Woohoo! Thank you Deborah! I’m lovin this new site. Still playing around to find everything.

    1. Awesome, Betty! I hope you check back often it will be the FIRST place I post giveaways, tutorials,and other helpful items. It's nice to have everything centrally located. :)


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