Sentimental Tuesday

Just wanted to post a photo of me and my mom, she has been gone for 9 years and it really doesn't get any easier. We used to talk on the phone several times a day and she always had the best advice! She also had the innate ability to make me laugh. I put our two photos together (for the first time) because people are always saying, "You look just like your mom!" and for the life of me I never saw it before. Now that our two photos are side by side I definitely see it!!  

Hug your mom today if she is still with you, otherwise let's all remember our moms!!

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for all active demos, we get to pre-order from the new Occasions catalog and also get free stuff. This is a promo of what is coming for our customers in January; as active demos we get to do everything first!!

This is just one great reason to join my team NOW. You will get to pre-order when we do and will have the newest stuff in your hands WAY before anyone else. When I do my demonstrations later this month you will be able to recreate the projects because you'll already have the stamp sets and new paper!! 

Contact me today to find out more!
(951) 973-3270 

or just go to my 24/7 shopping page and sign up there. and click on "join the fun!"

Talk again real soon,