New York is beautiful this Time of Year!

Ok, I should rephrase that; New York is beautiful ANY time of year!

It's true, you know.

We arrived pretty early yesterday (having taken a red eye flight) and I'm still trying to decide whether the red eye flights are a good or bad thing.

Some mixed reasons for and against: You don't feel like you're wasting a day traveling. Yes, I know it only takes a little over 5 hours to fly here from California but by the time you add the 2-3 hours you have to arrive early at the airport, any possible delays, the time spent picking up luggage and getting a rental car at the destination, then the actual time driving to said destination...well, by my count that is roughly around 12 hours. That doesn't include you stopping off at your favorite Italian grocery store to stock up on "essentials" (yes, fresh mozzarella IS an essential! lol)  This is just "travel time" and has no bearing on whether you were able to nap on the plane or not. Mostly for us, we don't nap a lot on the plane for various reason. So if you are a little jet-lagged you will probably get a nap in somewhere (add 2 hours!) Oh don't forget they are in a different time zone so when it is midnight here it is 9 pm at your place. This works great for the first day because you are tired!

That's 14 hours out of your first day of vacation. Not sure if that qualifies as "saving time" hahaha.

If you opt for the 8 am flight you will be arriving about 5.5 hours later (technically 1:30 pm) but with time change it is 3 hours later so more like 4:30 pm. Again adding on hours of time to collect baggage, pick up rental car, then (gasp) drive where you are going in rush hour traffic, more the time you arrive at your destination it will be 7 pm.  And you still have travel fatigue though you probably at least got a good night's sleep the night before in your own bed.

So which is better?

I've done it both ways and my jet lag takes less time to "heal" when I do the red eye flight way, so usually that's what we opt for. Also at 8-9 am the traffic is way better on the highway leading to Long Island. That is a lot better too, you don't want to be in any sort of NY traffic if you are too tired. You will be tired regardless, so pick your poison!

However, we are here now, I will post some pictures of the little place we rented. It is very cute and it well suited for a couple or maybe even a couple with a toddler or baby. The weather is just about perfect - around 30 and sunny during the day and pretty chilly at night. Like 17 degrees!!  No hint of rain till the weekend and then it will rain all weekend. We are ok with that, though.

So, on with vacation!! I brought a little work with me and it isn't much. I'll do it today and get all my stuff mailed out later this afternoon.

Otherwise, I hope your holiday season is progressing nicely. We are in the best possible place to enjoy some Christmas spirit. These folks on Long Island all decorate nicely and it's a lot of fun just looking at their homes!

Talk soon,