New York is beautiful this Time of Year!

Ok, I should rephrase that; New York is beautiful ANY time of year! It's true, you know. We arrived pretty early yesterday (having taken a red eye flight) and I'm still trying to decide whether the red eye flights are a good or bad thing. Some mixed reasons for and against: You don't feel like you're wasting a day traveling. Yes, I know it only takes a little over 5 hours to fly here from California but by the time you add the 2-3 hours you have to arrive early at the … Read more

Sentimental Tuesday

Just wanted to post a photo of me and my mom, she has been gone for 9 years and it really doesn't get any easier. We used to talk on the phone several times a day and she always had the best advice! She also had the innate ability to make me laugh. I put our two photos together (for the first time) because people are always saying, "You look just like your mom!" and for the life of me I never saw it before. Now that our two photos are side by side I definitely see it!!�… Read more

December is HERE and so much exciting stuff from Stampin Up!

Happy December everyone, I'm so excited for all the cool stuff happening this month for us demonstrators. I have some very special VIP customers whom I'd love to join me as a demonstrator; whether you become a demo just for the discount or maybe consider making into a business venture, Stampin' Up has something special for you. Starting December 5th all demonstrators can start their "pre-order" for our next campaign "Occasions" - this starts on Jan. 3rd… Read more