Time to go on a Cruise!!

Wow the long wait is over and tomorrow we set sail on our first ever Disney Cruise...well...ok, it's our first ever cruise!

Either way we are beyond excited and have looked forward to this for over a year. Now that the date is upon us we are sure to have a memorable trip!

Included in our entourage is adult son Aaron, his lovely wife Fion, their two kids Kiera (7) and Sawyer (almost 4) and of course Richard and me.  It was almost a family trip when Chelsea and Robby were booked but they had to change their plans a few months ago due to scheduling issues. We really hope we can do a true "family" trip sometime soon!

From what we've heard about Disney cruises, they go overboard (haha) to make you feel special and well-taken care of. We are hoping that is true because some pampering is definitely needed.

When we return I'll resume with my video tutorials and will share the links here. Basically they are so easy to find on YouTube (even without the links) all you do is type in my name in the search bar "Deborah Montijo" or even type in "The Fancy Stamper" either way will get you to my videos and I'm adding more each week. You are sure to see a project you love!

On that note I'll say bon voyage for now, and look forward to sharing my on board photos with you all when we return!!