National Selfie Day!

Are you just as surprised as I am that there exists such a day?

Ok, so because the last selfie I took was actually at my last "Simple & Stunning" class on June 11, 2018, I guess I am safe posting that picture. If you have a recent selfie, play along and post in the comments. Come on, it will be fun (and I won't feel silly doing it alone!)

So there I am along with half the class. The other half is on the other side of that long table! Hey, I didn't say I was GOOD at selfies, just that I had one!

That class was a LOT of fun, it was supposed to be all things "gift" such as gift bags, gift boxes, a Keepsake Box (filled with cards) etc. However, it was a little over-ambitious. Realistically, we could only get through two of the projects so we are going to have another class to complete the gift boxes. The projects themselves are not too difficult but when you are demonstrating and then people are following instructions, things take time. Add in the inevitable glitches and accidental mistakes and you are going to go over your allotted time. In our classes the participants either pay $25 for the class or they can get the class for free (with all supplies) if they place an order the night of the class for $40 or more on my shopping page. I have a computer standing ready so that if they have an order we are all set. I also provide little shopping "wish lists" for them and a communal catalog (though they could also bring their own) if they want to jot down stuff during the class that they want to order. It's a pretty simple and organized system and has worked well so far.

I have a craft fair coming up on July 7 and I'm in high gear production wise. For me, I use the craft fairs for a way to get my Fancy Stamper name out there and hopefully gather new customers and even team members. They see the stuff I make and strike up a conversation and there you go!  LOVE the craft fairs and love all the people I get to meet because of them.

I will be posting my creations here soon so you can all get a "first look" at them. I have some new items that I'll mix in with old favorites for this next craft fair.

Until then, have a great rest of the week!!
Don't forget to comment with your selfie!!