May has FLOWN by!

So many things going on here that I've been sidelined by the crazy busy-ness of the month!

First, my youngest child (Chelsea) is getting married on June 2, that's right I said MARRIED!  We knew she wanted to marry her long time boyfriend for a LONG while (years) but they never set a date. Then suddenly (in February) they did!! So it's been a few crazy busy months of getting everything together for their wedding. Even though it is a small affair in their home (which is a small home!) details are details. As the date get closer everyone is getting more and more stressed! Pray for us!!

On a more serious note, my Father In Law was critically injured in a very serious car accident. It was so bad that the fire department had to use the "jaws of life" to get him out of the car! He is recovering in the ICU at a local trauma center but he was busted up pretty bad. Broken femur, separated discs, right arm broken in two places, and several broken ribs. Thank God his head was spared and he was neurologically intact!

He's had a rough week with two surgeries and some mishaps but is now on the mend. Would GREATLY appreciate prayers for him!

I will be posting some photos of some cards I've been making lately. In May we do "Send a Card A Day in May" and I've been sending out some gorgeous cards. I encourage all of you to do the same. Your creative juices are going to make someone else feel fantastic!! Remember on hand made cards the first class postage is slightly higher, 0.68 here. If you put the regular 0.49 stamp it may not get to where it is supposed to go, depending on your local postal office.

In the meantime, please enjoy the spring!! I will be back soon with photos and some other great news!