Rainy Thursday!

Wow we weren't expecting that yesterday!!  A brief interlude of rain interrupted our normally benign Southern California mid-April 75 degree weather.

True, it just lasted for the morning but with stuff like rain, we get excited simply because we do not see a lot of "weather" here.

To be perfectly honest, it gets boring having 75 degree weather with 3 clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. And sometimes there is no breeze. When we "love" our friends' Facebook pages when they show their recent snowstorm results, it is because we are so sick of the sameness of our weather. It doesn't mean we want to live in a region where it snows, just that we get bored with the same old stuff.

Human nature I guess.

It is funny though how some of our friends will be angry or upset when we talk about our weather. Let's face it, people talk about their weather. Doesn't matter where they live, the weather is the constant glue that binds us all together. Sure, we chose to live HERE (wherever 'here' is...) but wherever we are, that weather is unique to that area.

Mostly I love the weather here. It allows me to move about the area freely without being encumbered by rain gear, cold weather gear, or much of anything else. Heck, in the high summer months there isn't even a huge need for clothing, but let's not get CRAZY!

Most days if we want we can go to the beach. Or the mountains. Or the desert. Another huge advantage to living where I live. But I chose that on purpose. When I decided to buy a house and raise a family, I thought about where it would be best for me to do that. After taking all factors into account (such as family and job proximity) as well as churches, schools, general property values, weather, and economy,  I decided that here was where we would settle.

Having said all that, it doesn't mean that I don't LOVE the look of snow or that I don't love playing in it or taking walks in it. I just don't want to deal with it for 4 months out of the year. Nor do I want to deal with the gray snow or slush or mud that follows. Also the summer months in some of those snowy areas can be brutal. I really don't do well in high humidity!!

So Happy Friday to everyone...hope this weekend brings you all that your particular area offers in bulk!!