Rainy Thursday!

Wow we weren't expecting that yesterday!!  A brief interlude of rain interrupted our normally benign Southern California mid-April 75 degree weather. True, it just lasted for the morning but with stuff like rain, we get excited simply because we do not see a lot of "weather" here. To be perfectly honest, it gets boring having 75 degree weather with 3 clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. And sometimes there is no breeze. When we "love" our friends' Faceboo… Read more

Taking Requests NOW!!

It is that time of years, ladies!! (And Gentlemen!) That's right...this is the time of year I always ask my customers WHO would like a FREE annual catalog. Remember that the catalog will not be mailed out by me (to you, of course) till mid-May, but this time of year is when I do my planning. And we all know that planning well is half the trick, right?? So here's how it works. You will get this luscious new catalog, all 244 full color pages of it, free of charge from me to you.… Read more

OnStage Local Event for Vegas is Officially Complete!!

Wow is all I can say at this point! The OnStage event for Vegas was everything we hoped it would be and MORE!! Besides all the freebies Stampin' Up is famous for showering us with, there were tons of extras that we can't really talk about for a month or so. But believe me when I say you won't be disappointed!! Speaking of that, I have a wonderful deal I am offering. "Spring Is In The Air" is a crazy good giveaway that I'm offering for the next two weeks only … Read more