New Stuff Happening Daily.....Christmas is Almost Upon Us!!

December 19th already and WHERE did the time go?

We've been having a blast this holiday season looking at holiday lights, having baking parties, attending get togethers, you stuff! Participated in a Secret Sister Santa group that was all sorts of fun and got some really cute goodies to boot!  Nothing like a Secret Sister Santa group to get your creative juices flowing.

So how is it that only six days before Christmas I'm still ordering stuff from Amazon? You guessed it, I got busy with stuff and put too much on my calendar. It happens, we all think we can go to that one party, meet up with those friends, babysit the grandkids one more day/hour/whatever. Then our own stuff doesn't get done. It's called life. Things happen and you move on and do the best with what you have in front of you. Luckily we are all good, just some gifts and no one will notice if those are missing, right??


Because of the new health program we've been on, we haven't done a ton of baking nor did we make any fudge or zucchini bread to give away as gifts this year. Hubby has lost a total of 42 pounds since September 7 of this year, and I've lost a whopping 70 pounds in the same time frame. Needless to say, we are feeling really good about our new healthier lifestyle at this point and don't intend on doing any thing silly to jeopardize it.

I really love how our house decorations came out this year, I'll post a few pictures of them so you guys can see, and also from our cookie decorating day with the grandkids. Lots of fun and so many sugar cookies!

 Kiera, my six year old granddaughter, lost her other top front tooth so now she can sing, "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" and mean it!!
Here she is surveying the cookie creations we collaborated on for the afternoon!
 Ok, so I cheated just a little and bought the pre-made dry dough that you add an egg and some butter to then roll out and cut and bake as normal. Saved me a ton of time and that day, time was at a premium!! I'm glad we did it, no one noticed!
 A batch of cookies going home with the grandkids. Their parents can fight off their own cravings for sugar. I don't want to!
 The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.....
And the little lit up Christmas village was decorating the antique sideboard. Such a cute little scene, I think next year I need to buy some fake snow to lay down first. I've seen it done like that and it's so pretty.

Ok, everyone. I have some interesting announcements but ran out of time and room  on this post. I'll post those first thing tomorrow so stay tuned!!!  Until then, enjoy the holidays because they are not here forever!
Merry Christmas!