Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

It has been such a productive week so far and it's only Tuesday. This is awesome since the past month or so has been slow due to me being ill and other family stuff going on. Yay for productivity!!

Yesterday I got my super cute Sheltering Tree online card class mailed out. If you signed up before we closed it your packet is on the way, priority, even. I think everyone will be getting their packets by Wednesday - or at least that is what they said! I have already gone ahead and messaged you the tracking numbers so you can keep track of exactly where your packet is. The exclusive video tutorial will be posted late tonight and I will be emailing the class participants the link to that video.

The online class idea is really such a good thing for busy working moms. Heck, busy working ANYONE's. The great thing is that you get everything you need to create some beautiful, handmade cards along with a step by step video tutorial. These videos are different from my live demonstrations because I go over EVERYTHING step by step, from folding the basic card layer to inking techniques and even cleaning your stamps. The reason I do this is because sometimes the people who take the classes might be new stampers and I want to be sure that they have all of their questions answered and that they have a good experience. For the more seasoned stampers, they can always disregard the portions of the video that do not pertain to them. The other thing is that you can watch and re-watch the tutorial as much as you want, anytime you want. This is great because you might want to re-do the card later in the year, but with different colors or patterned paper. No problem, just look up the link again and substitute it with your own paper!

I also received ALL of the paper for our paper share yesterday. Literally ALL of it came at once, that was fairly exciting (both for me and MR. UPS!) He had never delivered that many boxes at once to me and I had to explain to him that it was NOT all for me but that it was a paper share. He is starting to ask questions, I really want to give him a catalog for his wife! I know, maybe I will make her a card and send it along with a catalog. Everyone likes to get a card!

It is still super early here but I am going to be busy today dividing up the paper share paper and cutting it all into 6" x 6" portions so I can package and label it all for you guys. It is nice to be able to see the name and item number of each DSP (designer series paper) so that if you really love some of them you can go back and order it easily without having to hunt it down. I had been thinking about doing a ribbon share as well but the only thing with a ribbon share is that you only get one yard of each color and pattern. Before I commit to doing that I will ask you: Do YOU want a ribbon share? It ends up just costing you the retail because I basically take the cost of the item and divide it by units like with the ribbon if it was six yards I would divide the cost of the ribbon by six. Then I charge accordingly. The only thing you might pay extra for is shipping to you. It is okay to get just a yard of the ribbon if you aren't sure you will like it but honestly the ribbon they have this catalog is so awesome, you will LOVE it. One yard doesn't go too far when you are making cards as you might use anywhere from 10 inches to 16 on one card so that means you won't get much out of your one yard of each color/pattern. Anyway, let me know and I will certainly do a ribbon share as well if there is enough interest. I think if 10 people want a ribbon share I'll do it. <3

One last thing: there is a special promotion offered by Stampin' Up just for the month of June. For anyone hosting a workshop, you will earn an additional $35 in FREE PRODUCT for any workshop of at least $350 that is closed before June 30. Please contact me if you would like to participate in a workshop - you could do an IN PERSON where I come to your place and do a demonstration for your friends and family OR we could simply do a "virtual" workshop where we set it all up, I send you the material you need, and you show your catalog to your friends and family and take orders that way. The other benefit with a "virtual" workshop is that your customers can go to my shopping page by themselves and place their own orders 24/7 using their own credit card. As long as they input the specific Host code to your workshop (that I will provide you with) you will get full credit for their orders, and of course it has to be on my shopping page. Let me know if you are interesting in earning FREE Stampin' Up product and we can get you started on this awesome promotion soon!
 The above flier explains the "We Love Hosts" promotion a bit better but please feel free to contact me if you'd like more information or if you want to set up your own unique Host Code!! Text me at 951-973-3270 and we can get you started. By the way, this is for demonstrators as well. You would set up your own host code but like I always tell my recruits it is a great way to earn your minimum while getting some free product for yourself!

On that note I will close for now. Please have a fantastic Tuesday and remember, I am here to help you with ALL of your crafting needs!