Happy Early Father's Day, Everyone!!

Well, I'm about a minute early, technically. It's 11:59 pm here currently but will soon change over to Father's Day.

Once a year we honor our Fathers even though if we were good children we'd do it daily. Though I think I'm a "good child" there's room for improvement in all of us, right?

Tomorrow our plans are somewhat subdued. My husband has to work his normal 12 hour shift (day shift this week, thankfully!) and my dad is still somewhat under the weather so we are sticking close to home. My dad has been struggling with some ongoing health issues (he is in his early 80's) and while we are getting a handle on it, he's been tired. So whenever possible he has been laying low and sort of staying out of the limelight. He is usually a social butterfly and still drives himself around everywhere...and I DO mean everywhere. Though this past month or so while we are figuring out proper medication dosages and other helpful adjuncts to his medical/health regimen he has been opting to rest more and more.

This is a positive thing for my Dad who never wants to rest. I finally tried to break it down to him and let him know that he needed to give his body a chance to rebuild it's cells, etc. He has always been a 'go, go, go' type and people who rested were seen as weak to him. Though part of that could have been the age in which he was born. I know I shouldn't but I frequently re-assess him with my 'nurse eye' and I am relatively happy with what I see. He has become more thoughtful regarding his health and isn't so quick to turn down every treatment or medication offered by his doctors. He used to just refuse everything! At least now he lets them explain why and what it will do etc.


When Richard is on days off, we will drive down to my Dad's (70 miles away) and spend the day with him, but for tomorrow we are going to stay home. I will cook our family's famous "sweet and sour pork" dinner and serve it to my kids who will be here to honor their dad. This is such a simple meal to prepare, you set it up in the crock pot after only browning the cut up pork shoulder with some onion and garlic. Then you add a few ingredients and VOILA! 6 hour later a yummy dinner that you serve over steamed rice. Since I have a super handy rice pot, that part is simple also!! Add a green salad to the mix and you have a no-fuss, delicious dinner that will feed a LOT of hungry people. I haven't had this recipe for YEARS but my parents used to cook it for us at least every 10 days or so. It must have also been a cheap meal way back then, they had six of us kids to feed and I remember we were always ravenous. We didn't do a lot of web surfing back then, it was more bike riding and building forts and playing "Ding, Dong, Ditch!" No wonder we were hungry!

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Ok, have a great evening (what is left of it!!) and a really blessed Father's Day tomorrow!

Take care,