Thursday and my Internet is going Nuts!!

Hi Everyone!

We have to have excitement and when it is too calm here the internet gets in on the fun and goes haywire, which is what we have today. According to our provider, it is not their fault. (of course!)  Maybe the sun is too powerful today?

Either way we will work with it!

How has your week been so far? Mine's been typically busy and I've been working hard to get my new postage system and labeler all set up. I am working with an online postage provider and it will really help me out in terms of saving money and time. Both are great things to save!  It even helps on letter postage though I have not yet looked fully into that yet.

June first is rapidly approaching and we are getting all geared up to present our new catalog. This is one of the BEST new catalogs I've ever seen and it is chock-full of beautiful new stamp sets and tons of new ideas for things to create. As a demonstrator, we are allowed to order items (selected) early so that we can begin to design our classes and I have several classes already figured out! I know I've been showing you some of my new designs but I don't want to show you everything. There has to be some surprises later, right? Right!

Some of my customers were asking me about discounts and coupons and other seasonal or other types of cost saving measures that they might take advantage of. These are avid crafters and paper craft lovers so they definitely buy a good amount of supplies. The best advice I can give is what I ALWAYS say: it is best to join my team and become a hobby demonstrator yourself! In this way you will be getting a 20% discount on ALL future purchases and that doesn't even begin to cover all the other perks or the free giveaways on my team and group pages.

It is important to choose the right team to join and while you could choose a huge team that is already firmly established, there are HUGE advantages to joining a smaller, growing team like mine. First, I have more time to devote to my recruits and I'm able to help you through your questions, more of a personal touch. Second, you will get free unlimited access to my team class videos and tutorials! Thirdly, team giveaways are wonderful but imagine how much better your odds are with a team of 5 as opposed to a team of automatically increase your odds of winning! My team giveaways and challenges are all free to you, and my team members are very happy to be on the receiving end of these rewards! As a new member of our team you get a great welcome package and I am here to support you in all your endeavors, whether you want to strictly be your own best customer or if you are wanting to make it into a business.

It does not matter where you live as all our communication are online or on the phone. In fact, our team meeting are don't via LIVE Facebook video chats and are tons of fun. The minimum to stay qualified as a demonstrator is only $300 per quarter (three months) and that is only $240 after your discount! Not only that but when you first sign up you have till the end of your second full quarter to meet your first deadline. If you meet it early Stampin' Up will reward you with goodies!! They are awesome about giving perks to their demonstrators!

Please do not hesitate to call me or message me to get more information about joining my team of Fancy Stampers. My cell number is 951-973-3270 and unless I'm driving I'll answer my phone, if I don't answer, just leave me a voicemail message so I can call you back! Texting is usually easier especially if I'm driving, I can verbally ask my phone to read my message to me. :)

If you are ready to join my team just click on THIS LINK which will take you to my shopping page, click the tab at the top that says, "Join The Fun" and it will take you through the sign in. Remember if you join before June 1, you can actually order off the new catalog before anyone else!! What a great perk!!

On that note I will go and make sure I'm not burning dinner!

Take care and I will talk to you soon!