Memorial Day

In this country, today is the day that we honor and remember those who have bravely served in any of our military branches. Some gave all, all gave some. We are so happy for those who returned safely to home soil after their service and we pray for those who did not. Because of ALL of their many sacrifices, we have so many freedoms that some do not seem to appreciate. But WE appreciate them. Today I am at my Dad's house in Oceanside helping out. He has had some recent health probl… Read more

Thursday and my Internet is going Nuts!!

Hi Everyone! We have to have excitement and when it is too calm here the internet gets in on the fun and goes haywire, which is what we have today. According to our provider, it is not their fault. (of course!)  Maybe the sun is too powerful today? Either way we will work with it! How has your week been so far? Mine's been typically busy and I've been working hard to get my new postage system and labeler all set up. I am working with an online postage provider and it will real… Read more

It is Saturday before Mother's Day....what are YOU up to??

I always love to hear what other people are doing for holidays such as Mother's Day, etc, and not just because I might steal their ideas. It just brings me joy to see others having fun on these holiday. Even if (as my daughter tells me) they are "made up" holidays. I don't care, the way I see it, any holiday where family has an excuse to get together is a pretty good holiday. But then again, I'm the type of person who loves Sunday dinner with the family, Family n… Read more

Well, this is awkward!!

Good morning, Everyone! It is Sunday, and actually the Sunday before Mother's Day; which is next Sunday. No, I have not been on vacation...instead, I've been EVER so busy getting ready for new classes, designing and creating new cards to share with YOU, and prepping for two  new leader swaps I am taking part in. Not to mention a super secret surprise I'm planning for my youngest. Yes, things have been super busy, I'll admit it. But I'm never too busy to poke my hea… Read more