Sunday is Here!!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

I hope your weekend has been as fantastic as mine has. Yesterday was such a blast, I've almost forgotten how much fun it is to stamp and create with REAL people. In person. Not online.

Not that I'm complaining (much) lol about online. Online is wonderful and I have grown to love it. But there is nothing like the feeling of camaraderie when you spend HOURS creating with other craft-loving women.

My co-worker was gracious enough to invite me to join her well-established scrapping group (these ladies had known each other for YEARS!) and I gladly accepted the invitation. The day was a total unknown to me, having never met any of these women (except for my co-worker) and also, I had no idea of their time line as my friend we a bit vague about it. All she would say is, "my niece is coming around 9 am because she likes to start early. Come whenever you want." Also, I knew she was making these delicious lemon croissant things that she had recently posted on Facebook. Little did I know the amount of prep work and absolute hospitality that oozed from every corner of this place when I arrived.

It turned out that these ladies are marathon scrappers. Not only did my buddy have the afore-mentioned lemon-delicious-croissant things ready and waiting, she had prepared a delicious home-made lunch for us as well. After lunch there was dessert (later in the afternoon) with coffee. When I say 'dessert' I mean CHEESECAKE. At the time of the dessert break there was talk of ordering dinner in or just having leftovers from lunch (which would have been fantastic!!)

During the day I got to know these ladies, they were wonderful about accepting me and opening up their personal lives to me in a sense. They were all sweet yet so different from each other. All avid crafters, there was even a past Stampin' Up! demonstrator in the group!! She had not worked with Stampin' Up! as a demo in about 12 years but she remembered everything about it and even had a box of retired stamps that she had just given my co-worker. So cool to see those old stamps!

The day was quite a treat for me and a memory I will cherish for a long time to come. I am not sure how often they get together but I really hope they invite me again next time. Even without all the fantastic food and perks the companionship alone was well worth the time. That is something no one can put a price tag on and it was amazing!!

Here are some cards I created when I was with these awesome generous ladies:

 This is from the Eastern Romance suite. I had a few more color combinations that I thought looked pretty together with the Wood Textures paper.

 From the same suite, my attempt at trying out watermarks. What do you think? Too bold, right?
My co-worker LOVED the "Hey, Chick" stamp set so much after seeing my photos and also many photos on Pinterest that I gifted her this (now retired) stamp set so she can create chicken cards to her heart's content. I also gave her one of our embossing folders (also retired) to re-create the look of the chicken wire. She loved it and had a blast making this card right then and there!! I told you these ladies were special!

I ended up finally leaving a little after 7 pm (yes, I know!) and the other five ladies were still hard at work. They kind of looked at me when I packed up and my friend said, "Are you leaving already?" I sort of thought she was joking but she wasn't!! Next time I will be prepared. I made a lame excuse about my husband being off work at 7 and I needed to get dinner for him but I was floored. They really would have been okay with me staying and continuing to stamp until....when?? 10 pm? Don't know but either way it doesn't matter. They did a great job of making me feel very welcome, took me into their group with open arms, and quite literally did it with grace, loving kindness, and camaraderie.

I couldn't ask for anything more.

Have a great Sunday everyone!!