OnStage Was a Blast!!

Hey, Everyone!

I couldn't imagine an event being more fun that OnStage was, and this is coming from someone who has (in the past) competed in horse shows, cat shows, dog shows, gone to interesting trauma conventions, and all sorts of cool events.

This one topped them all.

Not only did we learn new techniques that we could use in our daily creative process (and teach to our students!) but we were given SO MANY gifts it was hard to believe!! Right when we arrived and checked in we received a gorgeous and huge tote bag with STUFF inside. Yes, good stuff! We had a full size planner (custom made by Stampin' Up!) and a brand new stamp set that went with the planner. We also got some other goodies in the tote including our name badge and a color badge for prize patrols!!  On our personalized name badges there were ribbons that came with it, each ribbon signified a milestone met or a promotion, I had FOUR ribbons!! And I've only been doing this for 6 months so it just proves that if you are interested enough, anything can happen. Even for a gimpy old lady like me! :)

After I put together my name tag and lanyard along with all the appropriate ribbons I headed over to find my team. The big team I belong to (where I originally signed up) is called the pink stampers and there are about 400 members. However, only about 17 were slated to be at this OnStage so the early birds were going to reserve some tables for us. I found them with their three dedicated tables and quickly introduced myself and settled in. At each of our table "place settings" various team members had put hand made gifts that they brought for us. I had been making a surprise too and I quickly followed suit and placed my gifts at each person's place. They were a HIT!!

The OnStage began with a quick prayer which was a nice touch and we were off learning stuff and finding out what was new and what we could expect for the day. The program after lunch included a couple of sessions for us to practice on the new stamp sets and we all saw that there was a good sized tote at the center of each table with supplies for the make and takes. We also knew that our new catalog would be passed out fairly soon.

They didn't make us wait too long for the catalog and we got it within the first hour of the meeting. Everyone was frantically paging through it to see which ones of their favorites had made the cut to the new catalog and which were gone. There were screams of delight and whimpers of sadness, but all in all we were all thrilled with the new stamp sets as well as the new color combinations.

Speaking of the new catalog....I cannot show it to you (yet) but I can show you some of the new stuff I ordered. Yes, as part of the perks of going to OnStage the demonstrators are allowed to place an order during OnStage for some new product. Not all of the products were offered but there was an abbreviated brochure they allowed us to choose from and YES I got a box full of stuff. Matter of fact it just got here today and WOW is all I can say.

As the day went on we had Prize Patrols and other giveaways and all in all I came home with four new stamp sets showcasing some of the new product from the new catalog. 3 new ink pads with new colors, new paper samples and new embellishment and ribbon samples. So much new stuff I couldn't believe it. More than paid for the price of admission AND they fed us lunch. Yes, it was a box lunch but I couldn't believe it was a free lunch to boot. Really nice of them.

As of Monday Stampin' Up has announced their retiring product list and they are encouraging us to share it with all our customers. They will not place anything on backorder and when it is gone it is gone for good. So I highly recommend that if you have any favorites that are retiring, you buy them while they are still available. Here is the link to my shopping page (CLICK HERE NOW) and the host code to use is 27P6KKTY. The link to the retiring list is here (CLICK HERE FOR RETIRING LIST) or just go to my shopping page and click on 'shop now' it will be on the very first page of that link.

Next post will have some great pictures but I just wanted to pop on for a minute before it got too late and let you all know about the retiring list before everything is sold out! If you have any questions please let me know...otherwise, happy shopping!!