Wow!! Sale-A-Bration is Almost Over!!!!

I can hardly believe that Sale-A-Bration has flown by so quickly. It seems like it was just January 4 and we were all chomping at the bit to get at all those lovely FREE items. How many did you earn during this time??

Did you know that Stampin' Up! has added MORE items to their freebie lineup in the last 10 days of SAB??

Yes, they did. I couldn't believe it either but there it is, in black and white (ok, green and off green!)  In fact, they didn't even add NEW SAB items, instead, they added stuff from the regular catalog so that we could get THAT stuff in lieu of the SAB items we've all come to know and love. However, they probably know that many of us (we shall remain nameless for our own safety!) may or may not already have one or more of the free items already offered. Therefore, for them to offer us stuff from the regular catalog is supremely rare and quite generous in my eyes.

They really didn't have to do it but they did.

So, what items are they offering?? Here they are, and as a quick reminder, you have to use the SPECIAL ITEM NUMBERS SHOWN IN THE PHOTO or it won't work. Those are their words. I know when I tried it just came up on the order form and I clicked it. So I didn't worry. But here you go in case you are a natural born worrier like me.
As you can see, these are items that we already know and love...a LOT! So have a great time ordering 
these last days of the month and of the SAB period and know that you can get ONE of these neat new (not so new) seven items - one for each $50 purchase. Have fun with this!!

In other news, and this is the LAST time I will mention fact, I was only mentioning it because several of the newer people on our Facebook page had asked....if you are considering joining our team of stampers NOW is definitely the time. After March 31 you will no longer get the cool perks associated with Sale-A-Bration (SAB) and that would be a very sad thing indeed.

Just to go over the details...for only $99 you would get $125 worth of Stampin' Up! supplies, and that is ANYTHING you want. Want a Big Shot?? Perfect. Want 15 packs of gold foil paper?? No problem. How about 10 "Lucky Elephant" stamp sets? Awesome!! The point is, it is YOUR choice. I know some girls who were wanting to make special birthday invitations for an upcoming special event and this would just about cover their expenses, plus they get the added benefit of getting 20% off any future purchases as well. Of course those are not the only benefits, there are tons. If you do the math, you get 25% off initially because you pay $99 for $125 worth of supplies. Math isn't my strong suit but I can do that much math! 
The other thing is that during SAB you get an additional TWO stamp sets (worth up to $52 EACH) for free. After March 31 that goes away. So you see how that alone would be a good reason to become a hobby demonstrator. I have very good friends who have been hobby demonstrators for years. There is never any pressure to sell and they can get their discount whenever they want. If they ever decide to step it up and earn a few bucks, they have the potential.

Besides getting all that product, if you join you will get a free Paper Pumpkin kit to try out and also about $50 worth of business supplies including current catalogs and other helpful tools should you need them. 

Drop me an email at if you have more questions or just text me at 951-973-3270. You can also just go to my page and click on the link that says "Join The Fun." Remember as a smaller team I can devote a whole lot of time to you and help you get started and I have a lot of excitement and passion for the product!! It would be my pleasure to help you, too!!

It has been an exciting first three months of the year but things are only going to get better from here. April 8 we have our local OnStage event which is a sort of convention for all the Stampin' Up! demonstrators who want to go. At this event we will learn about new products, get free samples of the new stuff and also learn new techniques. There is a session where we can all trade swap cards that we have created with other demonstrators from other regions and also where we can pre-order the newest catalog items that are not even available to anyone else, even other demonstrators!! The only way to get these newest items is to GO to the OnStage event. This will be my first one but can you tell I'm a little excited about it??

Our Stampin' Up! manager - we call them an "up line" - has also gifted her whole team with special tote bags with our team name printed on it. Besides that, we have team logo shirts that we could purchase if we wanted to, and when we all convene at the OnStage there should be a sea of pink demonstrators to show off our huge team presence. 

My little baby team, The Fancy Stampers, is quite small by any standards and especially when compared to my up-line's team but she has been doing it for a long time and has built her team over time and with considerable effort. I will get there someday, and in the meantime I have a lot of energy to spend on all my team members!! I also believe in gifting my team members with gifts and love to recognize them when they hit a milestone. It is an important way to offer support and give positive feedback because they are doing so well! I love my team and someday we will have our very own shirts and tote bags and we may cause a ruckus at a future can only hope!!

Until next time, please be safe out there and remember as always if you have any crafting concerns, questions, or needs...please let me know and I will help you with them.