Woo Hoo It's Monday!! Another Opportunity For Growth!

Or, maybe its just a Monday. Either way, it is the start of a brand new week and that's always exciting.

Also, Spring is coming!

Easter, Spring colors, gorgeous blooming flowers...it is all good. Do you guys have any Easter traditions? Outside of church services and stuff like that? I know some families always have a giant ham dinner at Easter, some have Easter egg hunts. Some people go to sunrise services every year. What do you do??

What will you do this year?

For us, we usually go to a sunrise service at about 5:45 in the morning, followed by coffee and bagels at home and maybe a nap! Then when we get up again we do the Easter basket dispersal with our grandkids and sometimes even our kids!! Yes, I know they are grown but we still like to surprise them with little things from time to time, and they LOVE solid chocolate! Who doesn't??  By late morning we usually have our first of many Easter egg hunts. The grandkids cannot get enough of this and insist on us hiding the eggs over and over. The past couple of years we started using the colorful plastic eggs instead of our traditional dyed Easter eggs. One year we had a bad experience with an egg that went undetected for months until we thought there was a dead thing in our yard. Turned out we were right!! It was the stinky rotten egg and ever since then we sort of lost our taste for real hard boiled eggs at the Easter egg hunt activity!

Ham dinner usually happens in the mid-afternoon time and we just hang around and enjoy each other's company till early evening when we say good bye.

Oh! This year we are trying out a new egg dying technique. It involved old pieces of printed silk material and unbleached muslin fabric. You place a white egg in the center of a piece of colorful printed silk (about 4 x 4 inches) and then bring the corners together and tie with twine. Then you use a slightly bigger piece of muslin to cover the whole thing and use a thick rubber band to keep it tightly closed. If you don't do this part you run the risk of the colors leaking out and dying the other eggs in the pot. Add as many eggs as will fit into a large pot and cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Let sit for 12 minutes and then drain the eggs and take off the muslin and silk. They should be gorgeous!

Here is a picture of what I'm talking about:

I guess they say that old silk ties work well. I am going to check out my local thrift stores for old silk ties. If you do this make sure you check the tie back to make sure it says "100% Silk" or another option would be to check on Ebay for printed silk scraps. The image is a good indication of how they should look when you have tightly enrobed them.
These people filled their pot too high with eggs, I think.  I would leave more room than this myself. You have to have about 2 inches of water over the top of the eggs so that it can boil safely without slopping over the sides.

The last three pictures are samples of what we will expect to produce! I hope they come out that vibrant, I am really excited about doing these with my grandkids this year. We can always do it the other, old fashioned way...but I like to try new things so this will be great!! Hopefully!

So that is a preview of what we are going to do to dye the eggs this year. I will have pictures of how ours come out and show you guys all what REALLY happened!!

I just went to Random.org to draw the winner for tonight's giveaway, I hope they are as excited as I am for them to win! It is a lot of fun to have these giveaways, I have met the most interesting people this way.

On that note, I am going to spend an hour or two finishing up some cards I started earlier. Please have a fantastic rest of the night!!



  1. those eggs r beautiful!! hope urs turn out as well!! post some pics.

    1. I can't wait till the silk scraps get here, I ordered some from Ebay for not much money just to try it out ....if they look good I will go haunt all the local Goodwills for silk ties.
      As soon as I do it I will post pics. :)


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