Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Hi Everyone!

It was predicted to rain today and it is now raining!! Wow. Love it when it is an accurate forecast. It is also cold and windy, the perfect day to stay in and make cute Spring time cards.  At the same time I am cooking up some delicious cold weather food, homemade chicken and dumplings. My kids and grandkids are coming over later so they will have something warm and comforting to eat along with nice chewy brownies. No nuts!! (because I don't like them in my brownies!)

Meanwhile, there are funny movies playing all day today on tv. Gotta love kick back Sundays like today.

Tomorrow is our weekly GIVEAWAY and I have not yet picked the stamp set I will be giving you. Any suggestions for me?? Last week I gave away "So Very Much" which is a super cute and simple stamp set. The thing I did differently was 1) gave away TWO sets (one to the Temecula Talk page folks because they outnumber our page at this time) and 2) I gave away a card making package with all the supplies needed to make six cards complete with their envelopes. I also made a simple video tutorial for the winners (and anyone else) to watch so they could duplicate these really cute cards at home. I always encourage people to make the card their own creation and not just do exactly what I do. Feel free to add your own spin on it, you will be surprised with how well you do!

This week I could give away another stamp set or I could give away one entry to one of my upcoming stamp classes. My classes are very limited in their size so they fill quickly. This would be a nice way to get in on one easily. Still undecided but I will decide sometime and let you guys know by tomorrow morning what I'm giving away so I can post it and get you all excited about winning it!!

If you have any suggestion feel free to leave me a comment here or on our Facebook group page.

Now to get back to my delicious dinner. If I don't watch it, it will try to burn!!

Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday, everyone!