Last Day of Sale-A-Bration!!

I can hardly believe this day has arrived...I think this three month period flew by for me. Keeping so busy with creating new cards and layouts for all the new product and starting to build up my "Live" following on Facebook. It has really been a whirlwind of activity!

Though I am sad to see the promotion end, I am super excited for all the new stuff coming in the next month or two. Stamping' Up never takes things away without replacing it with something just as good or usually better! How they do this is beyond me, but I quit wondering "how" and just started to enjoy "when" it happens!

So if you have not yet taken advantage, or if you WANT to get in on the very LAST DAY of free stuff. Click on this link and it will take you right to my shopping page where you can order to your heart's desire. Remember you can get MORE than one free stamp set of paper set. For every $50 in product that  you purchase you can get an additional item which is fantastic!! For instance, let's say your order comes to $92 before tax. If you simply add $8 more to your order you can now get TWO free stamp sets or designer papers or whatever is available on the SAB brochure! Amazing...and sadly, almost over.

Speaking of Live Events, last night I hosted my very first Live Event on Facebook. Now don't get me wrong, I've done live videos before and live demonstrations on FB. But this one was different. It was actually a virtual party and we had such a blast. There were Prize Patrols, other guessing games (with free gifts!) and door prizes, booby prizes, all sorts of prizes. It was so much fun I couldn't believe it. The atmosphere was really jolly because I had just signed on a brand new demonstrator and had a new customer join us for the first time so it was extra special. Let's just say that the Virtual Party/Live event will become a fixture in my new schedule of stuff to do on Facebook.

In other news, you HAVE to take a look at the sample set of eggs I dyed using that silk scrap method I told you guys about a few weeks ago. Check this out!
So, while the final effects were not as vivid as I thought they would be they are nice to look at. I did some white eggs from the store (oh, how it hurt my heart to purchase eggs!!) and then I used some of the light tan ones from my hens and a green one too. A bit time-consuming overall but cute. I will do it one more time before Easter (to use up my white store-bought eggs) and probably won't do it again.

On that note, I want to wish you all a happy Friday and hope you are having as great a day as I am. Check out my shopping page even if you don't want any free stuff (though who would be that crazy??)
Take care!