Last Day of Sale-A-Bration!!

I can hardly believe this day has arrived...I think this three month period flew by for me. Keeping so busy with creating new cards and layouts for all the new product and starting to build up my "Live" following on Facebook. It has really been a whirlwind of activity! Though I am sad to see the promotion end, I am super excited for all the new stuff coming in the next month or two. Stamping' Up never takes things away without replacing it with something just as good or … Read more

Sunday, The Most Peaceful Day of the Week....or IS IT?

Good Morning, Everyone! I'm joking, of course Sunday is the most peaceful day of the week. Unless you are trying to get a bunch of under 10 year olds ready for church. Or trying to juggle final prep for your car wash fund raiser. Or trying to write out your grocery list for the week or even your menu prep for the week. In short, we are all super busy people. Whether you still have little ones at home or just bigger kids that now have kids of their own, you know what I mean. Each d… Read more

Friday AGAIN!

How does the week fly by so quickly?? It really is remarkable how that happens. Especially when you are busy. Today is 3-24, in exactly one week Sale-A-Bration (SAB) will be history for another year. I have to say that it has been an exciting three months and a ton of product has gone to new homes. Also, you could not beat the promotion of earning ONE free item with every $50 purchase. Who does that??  I know towards the end a couple of things like the card tin ran out but still. It i… Read more

Wow!! Sale-A-Bration is Almost Over!!!!

I can hardly believe that Sale-A-Bration has flown by so quickly. It seems like it was just January 4 and we were all chomping at the bit to get at all those lovely FREE items. How many did you earn during this time?? Did you know that Stampin' Up! has added MORE items to their freebie lineup in the last 10 days of SAB?? Yes, they did. I couldn't believe it either but there it is, in black and white (ok, green and off green!)  In fact, they didn't even add NEW SAB items, i… Read more

Woo Hoo It's Monday!! Another Opportunity For Growth!

Or, maybe its just a Monday. Either way, it is the start of a brand new week and that's always exciting. Also, Spring is coming! Easter, Spring colors, gorgeous blooming is all good. Do you guys have any Easter traditions? Outside of church services and stuff like that? I know some families always have a giant ham dinner at Easter, some have Easter egg hunts. Some people go to sunrise services every year. What do you do?? What will you do this year? For us, we usually… Read more

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Hi Everyone! It was predicted to rain today and it is now raining!! Wow. Love it when it is an accurate forecast. It is also cold and windy, the perfect day to stay in and make cute Spring time cards.  At the same time I am cooking up some delicious cold weather food, homemade chicken and dumplings. My kids and grandkids are coming over later so they will have something warm and comforting to eat along with nice chewy brownies. No nuts!! (because I don't like them in my brownies!) … Read more

Friday in Carlsbad!

Good Morning, Everyone! Well today is our final day here at the Carlsbad Condo. The weather has been really nice, I think it got up to 78 degrees yesterday! Unheard of for this time of year especially for San Diego county. We have heard that the weekend weather will get super chilly so we were happy to enjoy the warmth for a day or so. This is from last night: Both were taken from our balcony overlooking the gorgeous Pacific ocean (Carlsbad State Beach) and were at various stages of t… Read more

Wednesday, Already??

Hi Everyone! Gosh, the week is flying by here. How about in your neck of the woods?? This past Monday's giveaway went very well. I went ahead with my plan to give TWO stamp sets away along with the supplies (and a short video tutorial) to make the cards that went with it. The two winners were so happy and will be happier when they get their cute packages!!  Just finished the tutorial video this afternoon and got it uploaded to YouTube. Just in time, too. We are headed out for a co… Read more