Valentine's Day is right around the Corner!

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

I'm sure everyone is busy running around doing all the Saturday stuff we do. Errands we couldn't get to during the week, kid's soccer games, piano lessons, the whole nine yards! Then there is that pile of laundry that won't wash itself, and the grocery store to contend with.

Wouldn't it be nice to take an hour or so and go to your happy place to relax? Maybe make a card or two??

That's what I do when I feel a bit overwhelmed. I might do some housework, start dinner, get rid of the stuff in the fridge that looks like a science experiment...then escape to my craft table for an hour to put together some cute Valentine's stuff. Here is one thing that is quick and easy but pays off in BIG creative dividends!
These cute little Valentine's treats are just some Hershey's chocolate nuggets that I wrapped in some of our "Sending Love" designer paper series. The nuggets are so cute and pack a big wallop of chocolatey goodness in each little nugget. Paper is cut to 3 inches x 1 inch strips and I used a strip of snail adhesive then wrapped the little nuggets before sticking them into the 2 " x 8 " cello bags from Stampin' Up!  The little tag toppers were just scraps of Whisper White card stock with some hearts cut out using the Sweetheart paper punch and some red glimmer paper and more paper from the Sending Love paper stack. The sentiment was taken from the Sealed With Love stamp set and is adorable, don't you think?
Target had the Hershey's nuggets on sale for 3 bags/9.00. Believe me you could get a lot of these little  treat bags out of that much chocolate! I just made these for my grandkids because they are not allowed to bring anything edible to school these days. Especially not candy of any sort. So different from when I was a kid. Is it better? Probably. I know the kids would like candy and might get it at home but I think in moderation like everything else it is probably not so bad.

The card swap for my team is upon us. I have designed the card I am making and last night cut out all the components. All that is left is the Big Shot work and the rest of the stamping...I have some background work to do and the main image. Then final assembly!! My timeline is that I will be mailing them out in the beginning of the week, that will give them plenty of time to arrive to our swap host's home before 2-24-17. These are super fun to do and I highly recommend them to any of you who are thinking of participating. It gives your creative juices a chance to flow and you have to figure out quantities, etc. Do it!!

Here are my components, I am leaving the actual card as a surprise for now. Some of my teammates pop in to my blog occasionally and I don't want to spoil the surprise for them till they get the card!
Love these colors, though. Reminds me of spring, Easter, and the garden. All good things to be reminded of, right??

On that note, I need to get busy. My hour of 'down time' has just expired lol. I will be back later. If you have any questions please leave me a comment. I LOVE to hear from you!!



  1. I love making those nugget bags they are so much fun. My kids find the nuggets in my craft room and like to eat them. Lol. I need to get in on the next swap!! I love anytime in my craftroom. Your makings of your card looks like it will be cute!!!!

    1. Chris, how do you keep from eating the nuggets?? Seriously, those are the most tasty bits of chocolate EVER!! Since my grandkids were not allowed to take them to school I finally caved and gave them to my husband to share on the oil field. The other oil field guys were so thrilled to get candy. It was sort of funny how they were so excited, like little boys.
      I was super happy with how my cards turned out, not only that but I got the clear envelopes this time (only $5.00 for 50) and put them in there. They look so finished and nice!! Plus they won't get bent or anything. I have them in the priority padded envelope with the $7.00 and will send them out tomorrow.
      I was super happy with my last giveaway, I will have to talk to you about that later. Also my Business Advisor meeting went great yesterday. I actually made a new video today based upon that meeting lol. I'll post it here in the morning, it isn't finished loading yet. Why it takes so long for an 8 minute video to load is beyond me. Takes much longer to load it so crazy, right??

    2. oh I end up eating too many of those nuggets!! I just watched your video and I really liked it!! Love that custom Tee set, I love soooo many sets and want them all. If I won the lottery I would purchase everything in all the catalogs lol I love watching your videos, cant wait for the next one :)
      I am gearing up for my next give away. Not sure which set I will give away yet.

    3. I knew it!!! I felt so bad eating them...but they were calling my name lol.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am really trying to follow the advice my Business Advisor from the Stampin' Up! program is telling me but it is difficult. I'm not normally so shy but for some reason where the videos are concerned I really am. Strange. Anyway, I will keep working at it. I have a few others in mind to do. Thank you again for all your support!! It means a lot. <3


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