Today Has Been a GREAT day!

Why? Because it was "Get my hair did" Day...gotta love it when you can remove all traces of gray and add a couple of blonde streaks for good luck. Just something about getting pampered makes a girl feel happy I guess!

Since I don't do a lot in that area I guess I can indulge in my hair. I really should go for regular manicures and such but never seem to find the time. Or maybe it is because they are always asking if "you got a boyfriend??" and wanting me to get long, red talon-nails. Nope, not gonna happen!! lol

Have a great drive out to Temecula today (about 90 minutes from home) and super good visit with Ginger my hair stylist. Rich went around town and did all our errands while I was getting my hair refurbished, so by the time I was ready about 2 hours later, he was there to pick me up and take me to In & Out Burger for a quick lunch on the fly before getting back on the freeway. We had volunteered to pick up Kiera to help out because my son was in Yuma, AZ working the past two days and we try to make life a bit easier for Fion (our daughter in law) whenever possible. Lately the stress levels have been high, so we wanted to do our best to take then back down.

As usual, Kiera was so happy to see us and we went home (first a brief stop at her house to pick up PJs and clothes for tomorrow) then a quick dinner at our house followed by a warm bubble bath for Kiera then BED.

Which leaves me with my next agenda item: BED.

It is funny, I am more of a late night owl type than an early-to-bed type but tonight I am tired. We are getting up bright and early to get Kiera ready for school and since her school starts at 8:15 I'm assuming we need to leave here at about 7:45 or so to get there on time. It is okay, the things you do as a grandparent. All well worth it, believe me!

I've been posting all over FaceBook, but I am happy to say that I completed my second video late last night and it got uploaded early this morning. That is two videos in two days...very good for me! My goal for the next two weeks (per my conversation with my Business Advisor) was to get a minimum of 2 videos per week uploaded. So far I am right on track or even a bit ahead of the curve!!

If you get a chance check out my videos on my YouTube channel and please hit the subscribe button and LIKE the video. Every like and subscription really helps! Just CLICK HERE and the link should take you to the "Rad Dad" video which shows how I made the Custom Tee card using the watercolor wash technique paper I had just prepared in the previous video. It isn't perfect but it is getting better.

On that note I'm heading off to bed. But not before I leave you with this pretty picture!
The sky looked extra pretty when we were at my son's house in Whittier. Storm clouds are starting to gather, they are predicting a storm over the next few days that is supposed to drop up to FIVE inches of rain on us. Just call us Seattle!!

Ok, I'm delirious. Good night!