Things are Fantastic!!

Except I think my blog is double posting for some reason. Still have a few things to iron out, but all is well otherwise. Kiera is feeling SO much better and went back to school today. The doc saw her yesterday and said she was OK. I'm just happy Sawyer didn't also catch whatever it was that got Kiera. So many bugs going around right now.

Here is her finished project for her school Valentine's mailbox:
She was really happy with the finished project and it turned out pretty good for just using left over stuff from around the house and a shoe box. I bought the little tiara from the dollar store but it said "Birthday Princess" so I had to use some glitz I had to cover the "birthday" and I had no stencils so (as you can clearly tell) we had to free hand her name and cut it out of glimmer paper. The rest is felt paper she helped trace and cut and we drew the wood planks onto the castle door and window shutters. The two topiaries (hard to see but there is one next to each window) were actually two ornaments that looked like icicles from the dollar store and we added glitter ribbon and some other stuff.
All I know is, I can't wait to see all the Valentines she gets! Yay Valentine's day!!

How is your Thursday going so far? Yeah, I know it's almost over, that's why I asked. lol. Here it was super foggy this morning then it got warm. Now it is damp again and rain is in our forecast for all night and all day tomorrow. Then a nice weekend and then more rain on Monday. Wow, our weather just won't decide what it wants!!

I'm gearing up for another paper share. This time it will be just card stock. Some of us find it easier to split the paper packs from Stampin' Up just because we can get more colors that way. When we band together it works out great for all of us!!
Yay, paper shares!!

I'll close with that. I am going to put together a couple of videos tonight and get them uploaded. They are mainly for my recruits but anyone can watch them and learn some stuff, I'm sure.

Have a great night!!


  1. So glad Kiera is feeling better, the sickness has been rotating in our house too but I think it is gone, I just need to get rid of my congestion! I love the Valentine Mailbox, so cute and creative. She will look back when she is older and have so many great memories with her grandma as a little kid. Love it.
    The paper shares are so helpful. Especially as newer Demos like me who is still trying to build my supplies. Im getting there and those paper shares has been a huge help for me. Thank you for offering these. They are a lot of work for sure..

  2. Ugh so true, this winter was notorious for the cold/flu returning again and again. Bad enough for us adults but I really hate to see my little grandkids struggling; also there's not a lot you can give them these days. When my kids were little we were allowed to give them benadryl etc, but now they don't let you.
    I'm glad we are building memories, I have so many with my Grandma. They really do last a lifetime!
    We were doing another paper share but it is for card stock. I will message you but I think you are pretty well set for that. I didn't want to spam you with a lot of paper share requests lol. The one I'm doing with my down line is for the 2016-2018 In Color card stock - all of the colors. They have so little and that is a great place to start because they will be around a while still. You are welcome to join it with us if you have a need. :)


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