Testing, One, Two, THREE!!!

Well, this is just fantastic!!

My old friend from the WAY back machine (Mr. Emmanuel; better known as E-man) has worked miracles and brought my mess of a blog/website/etc etc etc back from the dead (zone.) Fitting, if you stop and think about it a minute.

While he claims he is not a computer programmer, I have my own views on that. Because I chose the wrong domain folks to purchase from, it looks like my brands were not the easiest to marry together; one of my super smart teammates already tried (and I mean she gave it the college try; went above and beyond) and we got stuck. Remember, this is after I've already been playing with it since October. True, off and on, but still.

Yes, I looked up all the tutorials I could find, I watched videos, I did what I could do by myself because I figured since everyone else was doing it, why couldn't I? (That's a rhetorical questions and cannot be answered here lol.)

The truth is, while I am not completely ignorant in the world of computer-stuff, there's a lot I can't figure out. Even with tutorials. I'm sure if I brought people into my world of ICU nursing there would be some stuff out of grasp as well that a simple tutorial (or 30) couldn't solve for them. The bottom line is that I'm supremely grateful for all the help given me way back starting with Robyn's tutorial on how to add my blog to my DBWS. If I'm being honest (and I try to always strive for that) I took something away with each tutorial, each video, and each private message all my helpers bestowed upon me. I feel I could eventually get really good at this type of stuff if I went to school for it. Unfortunately, it just doesn't come naturally to me like some other things might.

So most of the site is up and running, I'd venture a guess and say ALL of it. There are some tweaks I'd like for some of the buttons and there is a little redundancy but  nothing that cannot be fixed. In the meantime I'm SO grateful to my friend. Thank you, Eman. You have no idea how you've calmed my spirit. This whole webpage thing was really bumming me out.

In other news...poor little Kiera is so sick today. We got together yesterday - well Rich and I picked her up from school and then came home to put together her mailbox for the school's Valentine's cards. Each kid can design their own mailbox made out of a shoebox and then put it together. It was due today so the kids can have it a week before V-Day and allow the other kids to put their offerings into the mailboxes. Kiera was busy over the weekend so we were stuck doing it last night. Here is the one she wanted to fashion hers like:
We got about half way done last night and it was so late; like 8:15 or so and she still had to go home and get a bath, etc. So we assured her we would meet again today after school and finish it. Except she got sick during the night and stayed home from school, luckily her dad had the day off so he took care of her all day. Poor baby has some type of stomach bug and has been throwing up quite a few times. I finished what we started last night (glue's drying) and will snap a pic later. We are taking it over to her house tonight to check up on her and to deliver her masterpiece.

On that note, I will leave for now. I hope you are all doing well and getting some crafting time in there. I know I sure haven't the past couple of days, but I will NOW!!  Take care till then!



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    1. Thank you Geri! Not sure why your comment posted twice, I will see if I can figure it out before I bug my friend. :)


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