Good Morning Everyone!

It is a RAINY February 3rd here in Southern California and it seems fitting. My mom's favorite weather was RAIN and today would have been her 78th birthday. We miss her more than words can say but I know she is in heaven acting as our guardian angel till we meet again. <3

This weekend I'm running a giveaway for a super cute stamp set that I know you've all seen before, it is for Hey, Chick! This really cute chicken stamp set can be used in so many ways. I have the visitors to my site on FaceBook commenting with what colors they would use on this cute little set. I'm going to post some examples in a bit but first, I'd like to hear YOUR color combinations. Here is the set:

Those samples are directly out of the Stampin' Up! catalog so don't Dream up your own color combinations and don't forget; Valentine's Day and Easter are coming. Who's to say that chickens cannot be a central theme in those two holidays?? Not me, that's for sure!!
You can enter my giveaway (for which I will announce the winner on Monday at 8:01 pst) by either commenting here with the colors you would use OR by commenting on my FaceBook page under the guessed it.....The Fancy Stamper!

All the items you need to make the cute cards for this set are available on my "shop  now" page here online. On this page you can shop securely right from  your very own computer and take your time looking at all the cool stuff you can create. And it's open 24/ great is that?? I will let you in on a secret, though. Whoever wins this set is going to get supplies to create their own "Hey Chick" card and probably enough to make a few cards. It is always nice to get free stuff, isn't it??

I agree completely.

To show how much I value and treasure all of my followers not just if you are a customer but ALL of you I will continue to do giveaways as often as I can. This shows you in a concrete manner how much you all mean to me. Remember that saying it is more fun to give than receive...a little secret: it's TRUE!!

In the mean time comment away with all your cool color combinations and please have a fantastic Friday!



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    1. It was really fun, I had everyone who entered my giveaway suggest colors for the cards then I put them together and posted them prior to choosing the winner (via random dot org, of course!)
      This week I am doing Carousel Birthday. If you haven't already done so, go enter! I am not choosing the winner till Monday so you still have time. You can either suggest the colors here or on my FB page. Good luck either way and thank you again for visiting my blog. It means a lot to me!! :)


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