Monday is Here!!

Today is the Monday following last night's Oscars....the Academy Awards. I have to say it was a night to remember for the sheer number of technical errors. I really don't like it when they actors postulate about the state of the union, just like I wouldn't like it if the politicians tried to act like they knew something about acting. But as everyone has an opinion, it is important that we are allowed to all share those opinions as peacefully as possible. One more reason th… Read more

It's a Rainy Sunday Here!

What's it like in YOUR neck of the woods? Getting ready for my giveaway tomorrow, I decided that this week I will keep the set a secret till the winner is drawn. Makes it more exciting that way, don't you think?? If you want to enter for the giveaway just comment with what type of cards you imagine yourself using/giving away most often. You can choose birthday, thank you, sympathy, get well, or some other category that you use a lot! One entry per person only, please. I can on… Read more

Easter is coming!!

We had some various team challenges lately and I will be showing YOU the results of those challenges. In the meantime, my paper share paper came (only half of it) and I am awaiting the rest of the order so I can finish cutting up the paper and get it sent out. It is sort of fun for me to do these small paper shares. We all get to share the cost of the paper and I get to distribute it! Yay!! I can see how it would be a ton of work if there were more than 20 participants, though. That w… Read more

Ok, So I went on a bit of a Binge...

...A card-making binge!! Hi Everyone! It is President's Day; Monday February 20. Most schools have the day off and I'm pretty sure the banks are off. UPS is working because I just got THREE big boxes full of Stampin' Up! stuff. Woo Hoo!! Time to play. But first, here is what I've been doing the past 12 hours or so. And yes, I got about 7 hours of sleep somewhere in there as well.  This first one is in honor of our upcoming holiday, the one where we always wish each oth… Read more

Last Night Was Lucky Elephant Night!!

Hey Everyone! How is your Sunday so far?? Mine is sunny, believe it or not! Ok, partly cloudy, but who's looking? (Besides me!) Last  night was definitely Lucky Elephant night. I took one of my favorite stamp sets of all time and made as many different color combinations as I could. Some of the combos came from suggestions from people who were entering my giveaway - I just happen to be giving away one of these awesome sets tomorrow night - and some combos came from my own head. Ye… Read more

New Stamp Giveaway for Monday!!

Hey, Everyone!! It is a bleary and cloudy Saturday here in (normally) sunny Southern California...but that is OK because we need the rain. Just not five to six inches at a wallop. Yesterday was like that, we had such a storm system move it it was like something out of a movie! I even took a short video because the super tall palm trees across the street from me were bent over so bad from the wind. Of course as soon as I started my video the wind dropped off!! Of COURSE! lol. The high … Read more

Today Has Been a GREAT day!

Why? Because it was "Get my hair did" Day...gotta love it when you can remove all traces of gray and add a couple of blonde streaks for good luck. Just something about getting pampered makes a girl feel happy I guess! Since I don't do a lot in that area I guess I can indulge in my hair. I really should go for regular manicures and such but never seem to find the time. Or maybe it is because they are always asking if "you got a boyfriend??" and wanting me to get… Read more

Watercolor Technique!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! Well, barely. I've been so super busy lately that I have not posted here for a few days. So much is going on and it has truly been a whirlwind.  A good one, though!! So here is the last video I did, it is a quick little video which I'm happy to say is totally my style. I am not very good at pre-rehearsing stuff or making it perfect. Instead you will see how I really am (mostly) and at least get a gist of how things can be done. Or maybe even done mor… Read more

Valentine's Day is right around the Corner!

Happy Saturday, Everyone! I'm sure everyone is busy running around doing all the Saturday stuff we do. Errands we couldn't get to during the week, kid's soccer games, piano lessons, the whole nine yards! Then there is that pile of laundry that won't wash itself, and the grocery store to contend with. Wouldn't it be nice to take an hour or so and go to your happy place to relax? Maybe make a card or two?? That's what I do when I feel a bit overwhelmed. I might d… Read more

Dad's Birthday Card

This Sunday we are having a family gathering to celebrate my Dad's 81st birthday. If you knew my Dad you would know he HATES any type of recognition or celebration and thinks parties are 'silly.' He agreed to let us all meet and gather to celebrate, though. Nice of him, right? In honor of this great event (lol) I made him a card. Now, usually he just chides me when he sees my hand made cards and says, "eh, too girlie." He pretty much says NEVER to make him a card… Read more

Things are Fantastic!!

Except I think my blog is double posting for some reason. Still have a few things to iron out, but all is well otherwise. Kiera is feeling SO much better and went back to school today. The doc saw her yesterday and said she was OK. I'm just happy Sawyer didn't also catch whatever it was that got Kiera. So many bugs going around right now. Here is her finished project for her school Valentine's mailbox: She was really happy with the finished project and it turned out pretty… Read more

Testing, One, Two, THREE!!!

Well, this is just fantastic!! My old friend from the WAY back machine (Mr. Emmanuel; better known as E-man) has worked miracles and brought my mess of a blog/website/etc etc etc back from the dead (zone.) Fitting, if you stop and think about it a minute. While he claims he is not a computer programmer, I have my own views on that. Because I chose the wrong domain folks to purchase from, it looks like my brands were not the easiest to marry together; one of my super smart teammates al… Read more

It is Sunday!!

For most of the United States (of sports) also known as Super Bowl Sunday. But I refuse to be part of all that. I think it is just a phase and will blow over soon. :) I've been on a roll lately with rain-themed cards. Here is one using the cute little kitty set I've had for a month or so called "Pretty Kitty" and it is adorable. I love it when I open a set I haven't used at all (or maybe very little) and have such a good time creating wth it. The little 'rain… Read more

Technically it is Saturday!!

But let's be honest. It's 1:09 on Friday night and I'm STILL awake. Not for long, I'm headed to bed even as I type this. Yes, I'm walking down the hallway passing the thermostat and re-setting it a bit lower before I climb into my cozy bed for a nice warm slumber. I hate it if it gets too hot and stuffy when I'm sleeping but I pile a ton of covers over me. My husband hates this! Before I go to bed I wanted to share these cute cards I made tonight. Well, I WAS m… Read more

Good Morning Everyone!

It is a RAINY February 3rd here in Southern California and it seems fitting. My mom's favorite weather was RAIN and today would have been her 78th birthday. We miss her more than words can say but I know she is in heaven acting as our guardian angel till we meet again. <3 This weekend I'm running a giveaway for a super cute stamp set that I know you've all seen before, it is for Hey, Chick! This really cute chicken stamp set can be used in so many ways. I have the visit… Read more