The Start of Sale-A-Bration!!

Kim Kardashian couldn't do it.

Yes, seems as if the unthinkable has happened. The internet is temporarily broken!

At least for Stampin' Up! fans, that is!  But not to worry, Stampin' Up! has got this. They will get the problems sorted out in record time. Because of all the excitement building up to this very special day of Sale-A-Bration, their site was likely overwhelmed and crashed from the sudden onslaught of activity. In past events, I have heard (being fairly new myself I never experienced it personally) that they have the problems sorted out by morning or mid-morning at the latest. The truth is, there is simply no way to accurately predict and prepare for what may happen on opening days like today.

Please do not worry. All the same excitement still applies, we just have to be patient and wait a few more hours. Believe me, I am the worst one here when it comes to waiting for stuff like this. It is like telling a child that they have to wait for Christmas! But we can do it, I'll be right here waiting with you if it makes you feel any better.

In fact, if you like I will simply post another blog post to let you know that they are up and running. It is early here (about 5 am) but I'll be checking every hour or so and when they are up I can post a brief "They are working" blog that if you follow this blog already, you will receive.

I have a brand new recruit (Ingrid) who is just as anxious and anyone. She is so excited to become a new member of our team and start to benefit from all the cool stuff you get when you are a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

If you are interested, NOW is the time (well, not this instant because the site is down!! lol) to join. As a brand new demonstrator you will reap the benefits of an instant 20% discount plus many more perks to having first access to product and new information directly from Stampin' Up! Whether you start out as a hobby demonstrator or plan to make it into a business to earn an income, Stampin' Up! has something for everyone. Their compensation plan is fairly new and much more attractive than it's ever been before. Please leave me a comment if you are interested in more information on how to become a new Stampin' Up! demonstrator and I will answer all of your questions!

On that note, I will go for now. But I'll be back and please stay tuned so that you can be informed as to when the website comes back up!

Take care!


  1. lol love your posts. I wonder when we will have access again hopefully soon. My brother works with the internet stuff lol and he tells me all the time about all this techy stuff and how one simple thing can criple thousands of people. I wouldnt even know where to begin thats why i leave all the techy stuff to my 12 year

    1. Agree completely!!! I wish I had a 12 year old!! As it is I have to live vicariously through YOURS!! :D
      I'm glad you like my posts. I decided to do what Robyn suggested and just be myself. Sure, I'm a little weird and goofy but that is okay. I can't pretend to be all normal when I'm not.
      I need to do some work on my website and wonder if your son wants to do some web design?? Maybe we could work out a payment for him? I'm NOT kidding!! <3


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