Technical Difficulties

Good Morning everyone!

Having technical difficulties this morning, but such is life. I had a sweet video all ready to go last night but somehow my iMovie ate half of it. Now I understand it is NEVER the computer's fault and is most likely 'operator error' but I still feel better blaming the computer. Hopefully I can study some of the tutorials and figure out what happened and fix it. Soon!

In other news, our town is gearing up for a four day storm coming. It sounds silly to get ready for rain, but this is Southern California and we have been in a drought for 10 years so rain is scary to us. Not to mention with all the wildfires we've had the threat of mud slides and flooding is VERY real to many people.

For us, it will impact us this weekend because we are headed to Big Bear (the local mountains) for some snow therapy. We try to rent a cabin once a year and take the family up for some mountain fun and clean mountain air. If we can time it right, we go for the snow just because everyone enjoys it so much. Sure it is fun when you don't have to shovel it daily!!

The cabins we rent are usually large enough for both my adult kids to join us and my son to bring his family so we can all have a fabulous time just sharing the adventure. This year Chelsea has just started her first job as a registered nurse so she and her boyfriend cannot join us. The past few years haven't been good for her either because she's been in nursing school. Well, here's holding out hope for next year!!

We are lucky that Aaron and his family can fit it into their schedules as well. They both work and I know how hard it is to carve out time to spend with family...but I also know how very important it is to do so. Whether I host a Sunday family dinner or invite them to winter or summer 'mini vacations' I will ALWAYS continue to reach out to my kids to keep them close to me and my husband. Family is one of the most important things in life and I hear people complain that they are no longer close to their siblings or their parents but it definitely takes work and effort just like anything. Someone I'm close to mentioned to me that their dad doesn't call them much and they feel neglected because they have seen my elderly dad call me a time or two. I just say, YOU make the call if you feel neglected. In time they will reciprocate. Or maybe they won't, some dads and moms are old-fashioned and feel that respect dictates the kid should come to them. I don't know, but either way is it worth bickering over??  I don't think so, either. Anyway, with my dad, they don't know that I call him way more than he ever calls me (not that I care) and that it doesn't matter because he won't wear his hearing aids and cannot hear me anyway on the phone calls. The phone calls are hilarious because it's like two separate conversations. If you hear it on speaker it goes something like this and probably sounds like a comedy routine:
Dad: "Hey, are you going to Billy's for dinner?"
Me:  "No, Richard has to work. I can come over to your house on Monday, though."
Dad: "Ok, sounds good. You're right, it should be a fun day."
Me: " Dad!! I said, MONDAY."
Dad: "Yes, don't get angry. I know it will be a FUN DAY."
Me. "......nevermind."
And on and on till I have to go. I tried doing Face Time but he doesn't like it. At least he can read lips when he refuses to wear the hearing aid. He also tells people that I get snippy on the phone but he doesn't tell them why.
I am joking about it but really I am thrilled to still have my dad, who at 80 years old, is pretty spry. He lives alone, takes care of himself, drives everywhere - he even drove to Arizona for my masters' graduation ceremony. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Anyway, have a great Wednesday. Today the new cable people are coming over and hopefully I'll have faster internet and cheaper cable after today. We shall see.

Till then,


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