Paper Share Giveaway Winner!

The Winner of the Paper Share Giveaway IS:

Christine Dam <3

Congratulations, Christine, and thanks for playing along with my giveaway while we all waiting patiently for the Stampin' Up! website to come back online. It is so hard when everyone is antsy and wants to order. My recruit was super antsy because she was trying to JOIN. That is really

I think I still have your mailing address so I will send out your paper samples tomorrow.

I really appreciate all your support and everything you have taught me about Stampin' Up!! Hopefully, the paper I send you will be stuff you don't already have and you can use it!



  1. what do u do to participate in a paper exchange??

    1. Some people will offer paper shares like Robyn just did. In that case they usually tell you what kind and how much paper it will be and what they charge. For that one in this post it was a giveaway and Christine won, so that just depends on the person doing it. In fact, Christine herself just had a paper giveaway and I won!! I don't win a lot of stuff so I was thrilled!! Not all our team mates are into giveaways but a few are. I love them myself, both the giving away and the receiving. You can't lose either way it is a good feeling.
      I will let you know next time we do it or if you really want maybe I could do a share and see if anyone besides me and you want to join in...I have a lot of the new papers now.


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