New Beginnings!!

This is going to be a fantastic new year for us all, I foresee many awesome things happening!

As you know I am working towards earning my Alaska trip with Stampin' Up! But did you know that YOU can also earn the very same trip that I'm going on?? By joining Stampin' Up! during the Sale-A-Bration promotion period (January 4 - March 31, 2017) you will not only be gearing up to earn this awesome trip but have the opportunity to qualify for even more free stuff!

For all the details just CLICK HERE and it will outline all the wonderful benefits to joining. If you join after Jan.4, you will also be eligible to receive two extra stamp sets worth up to $104! That is crazy...and should be taken advantage of. I mean, they are offering, so it is for you to take! :D

A word about giveaways, I think they are a great way to help encourage interest in the craft of paper art or paper crafting. Plus, it is just plain FUN to give stuff away. As a demonstrator, I get discounts on purchases and also have the opportunity to earn items either at a discount or sometimes even free, so this helps me to help YOU. As often as possible I will have giveaways not only to help encourage you to craft more but just because it is FUN.

Please remember to subscribe or "follow" this blog. There is a handy form that you can just enter your email and you'll be notified when I have a new blog entry. This is helpful if you are trying to stay up to date on any new deals or want to be included in any new giveaways before they are over.

My little cold/virus thing is almost done with me. I think I have beat it into submission. I really hope it isn't fooling me and ready to pounce again. I saw it do that with a few family members. As soon as it is all the way gone and I can speak without coughing I have a couple of cute cards I want to demo for you guys. One is using this super cute little stamp set that I think I'll be offering as a giveaway soon. It's called "Hey, Chick!" and features cute little chickens. I will post some previews late tonight and if you want the catalogs just leave me a comment and let me know, I will be happy to mail some out to you! The "Hey, Chick!" stamp set is one of the ones you can earn for FREE in the new Sale-A-Bration promotion so it is going to be a very popular set.

These are the front covers of the new catalogs and all I can legally show you till tomorrow! But if you would like them mailed out I can totally do that. Just let me know and we'll go from there.

Still working on my website. It is proving to be a little more complicated than the blog. I guess I am not naturally talented in the website design area, but I'm working on it. With any luck it will be a one-stop shop and instead of coming to the blog, you will go to the website and the blog will already be there along with everything else including new videos, photos, giveaways, everything. That is the hope, anyway. Bear with me and thank you in advance for being so patient.

On that note I am going to head out. I have catalogs to mail and goodie boxes to send to the lucky recipients!! Please have a fantastic day, I plan to!