It is Fancy Stamper Friday....well that doesn't sound right! lol

Good morning everyone!

Last night was such a late night getting everything prepared for our snow trip we are about to embark on. The final prep for gathering snow stuff plus a bit of 'survival' stuff for the drive up there kept us busy till well after midnight.

So a bit of a late start this morning but we had not planned on beginning our journey till about noon anyway. Check in at our little rental cabin is 3 pm and with any luck (and a few prayers) we should be there by then.

It has poured all night and from all weather reports is snowing like mad up in Big Bear. Part of our gear we were told to bring by the rental agent is a shovel in the car's trunk in case we get stuck anywhere. It is a good idea anyway but we are not used to bringing 'survival' gear with us on mini family vacations!

Truth be told, this is the most snow we've had in at least a decade. The ski and snowboard crowd is so happy about our local mountains. Usually to get good snow they have to travel about 7 hours up to Mammoth mountain where the snow pack is 6-10 feet even on draught years. I think Mammoth has a snow base of 16 feet right now so they are ecstatic! Richard used to ski but has not for a few years. I tried to ski as a 20 years old but found out I made a much better snowball headed down the ski slopes than a skier.

What a sight!

And for my awesome bit of news this morning:

Welcome, Kathy O'Neill to Stampin' Up!!

That's right, Kathy signed up last night and is our newest member of the team!! The overall team is the Pink Stampers but MY TEAM is The Fancy Stamper and we will eventually get team gear just like Pink stampers has. Only ours isn't going to be PINK. Plus the design will be our very own unique design. We are still a ways from that, though and in the meantime are so happy to wear the Pink Stamper gear. It is cute, warm, and they really are the Best. Team. Ever.

Speaking of which we need a team motto, too!! Suggestions are welcome along with suggestions on a team color. You guys know my favorite colors are more along the woodsy color schemes like dark green, golds, etc. Think of autumn in a pretty forrest and there you have it! lol  I always thought of having forrest green hoodies with maybe gold lettering, but maybe the gold lettering is too glitzy. Of course, I love the glitz. :D

All things we can talk about in the future. 

For now, just help me in welcoming Kathy to our team and let's all show her some love!! She lives in Colorado and is a long time crafter.  We are glad you are here, Kathy!!

I will now go finish my packing and get out of town to the gorgeous mountains. I think the wifi is not hooked up at the cabin we rented so I may be out of touch for a few days but will be back Monday. Of course no wifi will not deter me from taking tons of pictures!

But first, here's a cute card!
It is from the FREE Sale-A-Bration item "So Very Much" and it is one of the awesome sets you can get at no cost at all during our promotion of Sale-A-Bration!  This versatile set can be kept sort of rustic the way I did it or you can bling it up nicely. When I return from the snow trip I'll show you several examples...I love sets you can do that with!!

Here is the latest HOST CODE if you need it for any orders while I am gone. This code is good till the end of the month and can ONLY be used on my shopping page.

                                      Y V 4 G 2 V Z J

The reason I space it out is because it gets a little confusing with the Y's and V's and Z's and the 4. At least for me they sort of blur together and it isn't any good unless you enter it correctly lol. So remember that is only for orders of $149 or less. If you have an order of $150 or more do NOT enter it, you will earn your own rewards PLUS getting my thank you packet with a goody. Either way you win!! :D  It is something I am so happy to do for my customers because I truly appreciate each and every order, it does not matter to me how big or small it is, just that you chose ME is what I appreciate when I know you have all sorts of choices. I will do my best to help you in any way possible and am so happy to be your Stampin' Up! demonstrator!! :D


  1. Congrats on have someone else sign up under you. She will love your team and the Pink Stampers. How fun. I love that Thank you set. It is so pretty when embossed. Hope you have lots of fun in the mountains.

    1. Thank you!! I'm excited to have recruits and have tons of ideas with the things we could do as a team. For now, though, we are all super happy members of Pink Stampers and enjoying the great atmosphere. There is so much to learn.
      I'm glad you're make n take went so well!! Now for the next one! :)
      The mountains were fantastic and SNOWY!! lol

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  3. this stamp is so simple and elegant. love it!! and so glad i glad i got it!!


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