Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!

For me, this is a way happier day than yesterday. But maybe other people also feel that way about going to the dentist, I'm not sure. For me, I have always had problem teeth so dental visits are never much fun. Now that I'm a bit older I stay fairly close to my dentist (who is excellent, by the way!) so that I can preserve the teeth I still have!

But enough about TEETH!

I finally had some time to make a video or two, and I will link them here in this post so that you can take a look. The first one is a tutorial on a challenge card we made on Sunday. The only thing different about it is that I changed up some of the colors. Please forgive the choppy ending, my phone has decided it has no storage left and until I delete some things (namely photos!) it keeps randomly chopping stuff off. I will work on the the rest of today, I cannot have it doing stuff randomly!!

Here's what the finished card looked like:

As you can see, instead of the Melon Mambo I used Sweet Sugarplum and was still able to use the rest of the stuff from the other card. I am not entirely happy with the video but it is from my phone being upset with me because it's storage is too full and I need to fix it. SOON.

The other video I put up had me going over the new Occasions Catalog and the Sale-A-Bration brochure. Most of the people I had mailed out catalogs too were so sad because the catalogs weren't there and they wanted to order, so I went over both catalogs on the video so they could at least get an idea of what was in there.

This is the video with the Occasions catalog. And this one is the one with the Sale-A-Bration brochure. Wow, TWO!! lol Check it out.

My husband was listening to me make these videos and he kept laughing at me because I was saying weird stuff; well...not really weird for me I was just being myself but he said it sounded weird in some spots. I didn't change it though because I'd rather be authentic even if I sound slightly weird. :)

One thing you might have noticed is that I have included a HOST CODE for these videos and listed dates. I had a great response with my other host code so I'm doing it again. For those who are not going to order $150 or more (if you order $150 or more Stampin' Up! will give you 10% stamping rewards!) If you put that host code in when you shop on my shopping page I will see it and send you a special goodie in your thank you package. Of course you have to shop on my 24/7 shopping page but the link is HERE and you will see my picture at the upper right corner so you know you are in the right spot! If you don't order on my page I cannot do that special treat giveaway.

Ok, it is time for me to greet the delivery guy at the front door. Stampin' Up! has been sending me boxes this week. All my stuff is getting here all at once!  LOVE it!!

Take care till next time!