Happy New Year!

Well, everyone...it's official. It is now 2017!

Here's to a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year for us all.

I just announced the winner of the Tasty Truck 2.0 giveaway on my Facebook page, it was Syd from Ohio!! She is naturally lucky (from my recollection) but thankfully I don't have to rely on luck since I use this wonderful free site I found called Random.org. It allows you to do lots of stuff but choosing random winners is one of them that I use.

To everyone who has requested catalogs I will be mailing them out tomorrow. The reason I have not mailed them out sooner is because they were not to be seen till Jan. 4 and you would have already received them and I am trying to be compliant with all the guidelines set by Stampin' Up!

For those of you who have asked, becoming a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! is a wonderful thing and something I highly recommend. I first signed up in October just as a hobby demonstrator; that is what we call it when we are avid paper crafters and are just signing up to get our discount on ALL the product Stampin' Up! offers. I have to admit, the 20% discount was quite a draw to me. As I started to sell (and buy for myself) I noticed there were a lot of other perks I hadn't really thought of.

The incentive trip. Every year Stampin' Up! offers an incentive trip if you earn enough flex points. You get flex points by selling stuff so it is happening incidentally while you are selling your stuff. I love to travel and it is quite a nice thing to me to have somewhere paid for 100% for me and my spouse (or if there is no spouse, your bestie!) The trip I am working towards earning is for an Alaska cruise. They will pay for airfare for me and hubby to the cruise start site, the 9 day cruise in it's entirety, and that is a lot of clams!! We have till October of this year to earn the cruise and it will take place in the first half of 2018 so there is plenty of time to plan. We can totally do this!!

Various perks.  So many times each year, Stampin' Up! offers deals to demonstrators about a month before the general public has access. They do this so that we can see the product ahead of time and create projects with it so that when catalogs drop we have a head start. It is super smart of them and the demonstrators love it. Another perk is close out items. These are up to 60-80% off and that is a deal however you slice it. Everyone loves a deal, right?? They offer compensation to their demonstrators depending on where you are in your ascension but basically it is 20-25% commission (I currently earn 25% based on my promotion!) I have included the link there so if you want to look at the current compensation plan, you can. When people start joining your team your perks go up.

Sale-A-Oration: once a year (ours is about to start on Jan. 4) Stampin' Up! offers this promotion to it's customers and it's demonstrators. The demonstrators have had access starting December 1. Everyone else can have access in only 3 more days....that is Sale-A-Bration. For every $50 spent on Stampin' Up! product, you can get one item absolutely FREE from the special Sale-A-Bration brochure that I'm about to mail out to you. Some people have Christmas money they want to spend, and this could equal LOTS of free items! In addition to that, you will earn Stampin' Up! rewards anyway if you spend more than $150 on your order and that amounts to an extra 10% in free product of YOUR CHOICE. You can't beat that.
Many demonstrators, and I am one of them, will offer you a special goodie even if you don't spend the $150. I allow my customers to use my "host code" and if they do they will get a goodie shipped to them from me. It might be a roll of special ribbon or some other embellishment from Stampin' Up! or maybe some adhesive, whatever it is they will certainly use it!

The other cool thing about Sale-A-Bration is that if you choose this time of year to join and become a demonstrator (whether it is a hobby demonstrator or for business reasons) you will get an additional 2 stamp sets FREE and they can be up to $104 in value. That is amazing! I actually had a friend ready to join and I encouraged her to WAIT till Jan. 4 just so she could take advantage of this offer. For her initial investment of $99 to join Stampin' Up! (for that she gets about $50 worth of business supplies, a free paper pumpkin kit, and up to $125 in Stampin' Up! product of her choice) she will also get the two extra stamp sets worth up to $104.

On that note I will leave you for today, I know I get so excited when I talk about all the incentives Stampin' Up! offers us. It is really cool for them to be so supportive of their demonstrators. I have noticed on their website that they offer so many helpful videos and suggestions, it would be difficult to fail at this if you follow half of what they recommend. Remember I am here for you as well and if you join my team of Fancy Stampers, I will be here for you for support, encouragement, and training!! Ask me anything and I will get the answer for you. If I don't know what the answer is, I will find it. Let's do this TOGETHER in 2017!!!  Call me for more information...or text me in the next day or two, I lost my voice with this virus!! 951-973-3270.


  1. Yay, Ingrid!! I'm so happy to have you as my very first Fancy Stamper!!! You and I are going to have so much fun doing this and we will have a blast in Alaska!!
    We should totally do the whale watching excursion! lol.
    I will be sending off your stuff a bit later today but i have some special treats for you!


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