Baby Birthdays and Chin Stitches!

Hi Everyone!
It is a bit later than I normally share on this blog but the last couple days were eventful. My grandson Sawyer turned TWO yesterday and we had a spaghettini dinner and cake afterward to celebrate. He had been at Disneyland (despite the rainy weather here) for part of the day and he was happy to have his little celebration.
Today Kiera (my granddaughter) came over mid-morning to do some crafting with me. We played with the "Cool Treats" stamp set and she made such a cute card all by herself. Just a little help from me to fussy cut some of the treats out. She didn't want to bother with the Big Shot. Then we spent some quality time playing with her Shopkins. Kids toys are pretty neat these days.

Bad news was, my grandson had gone with his parents (my son and daughter in law) to visit friends, and while there he tripped near their brick fireplace and landed on his chin, splitting it open. They took him to the local urgent care and he required a couple of stitches to close the gash in his chin and from what I saw (pictures) and heard (from mom and dad) he was unhappy about the whole situation.

Thankfully, by the time they got him some baby Advil and a bottle he was feeling  a lot better:
All's well, that ends well, I guess. Poor kid, though. And yeah, he will likely have a scar there. How many people do you know who don't?? That or that annoying scar over your eyebrow from falling off your bunk bed as a kid.

Ah, youth.

Some other exciting news, my up line demonstrator (direct boss/manager) is holding another "Opportunity Night." These are just informal gatherings - in this case, on Facebook - so that the benefits of joining Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator can be gone over in better detail. She lets us (her down line) invite people we know who have expressed an interest in joining or at least learning more about it. We had the last one just the other night (Jan.4) and I had three people come to it. Ingrid had already signed up earlier in the day, but my other two hopefuls were just thinking about it which is great. One of them was actually so ill she had to leave the group, we are hoping she comes to the next one which is on Jan.19 so she can have more questions answered or at least be well enough to ask questions if she needs to. The best part was two of my invited guests actually WON some really neat stamp sets. I love that, it is the type of company where we are able to do that periodically. You've seen me have giveaways. Even though they are relatively small, it is a giveaway and it is FUN. Everyone wants to win something, I know I do. Whether it is a stamp set or a package of cute paper, I love getting something in the mail and it makes it even better when it is free or I won it somehow.

It is getting pretty late here and there is a lot to do tomorrow. I'm working on designing a new card for my next video. If you have any particular set you want to see demonstrated, please let me know and I will do my best to get it figured out. That's the fun part!!

Talk soon!


  1. What a few days you have had!! Poor little fella at least he looks happy in this picture. Kids are pretty durable and bounce back pretty quickly. I love to hear that your granddaughther is crafting along with you. Thats so cool get them interested while young. My boys will sometimes craft with me but mostly like to play video games.. I need to find some people interested in the opportunity night. I just want people to get excited about crafting. I love to teach and talk about crafting it's such a passion of mine. Give a ways are definately fun!! I love the stamp set I won from you and I cant wait to get my paper in the mail. Winning is fun but giving away stuff is also so much fun. I had a blast doing the paper give a way. So excited that you won!! Your paper will be mailed out soon. Yay!!

    1. Oh my gosh I am so excited that I won!!! Did you use the Random Generator that Robyn told us about?? I love it, even with a few entries it is fool proof.
      Yes, we had quite the eventful few days here but it keeps it interesting! And that is correct about little boys, how are they so resilient!!? I'm glad he is feeling better. Truth be told, it takes a LOT to keep him down.
      When I was a kid I remember wanting my mom to do crafty type things with me but she really wasn't into it at all. Thankfully, I had an Auntie who LOVED crafting and showed me so much. I would go to her house to play with my cousins and end up crafting with her instead. My cousins didn't like to craft either and the joke in the family was that we were switched at birth! My mom hated that joke though.
      I'm excited to see my paper, I'm going to your blog now to see if you posted it. :D

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right?? Thought Aaron was trying to break every bone when he was a kid. Luckily they bounce back so quick. :)


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