Totally Awesome Tuesday!

Today has been a good day. First, the weather is so nice. It's about to get cold and rainy again but for  now it is about 70 degrees and sunny. I know, I can't believe it either!! Today was the long-awaited phone call from the Stampin' Up! guy Nick. Somehow I got chosen to be part of a "Business Developer Program" and they are going to be "advising" me during the next few months to help me figure out my goals and focus my efforts more efficiently on whe… Read more

Stupendous Saturday!!!

Today is a fantastic day, I got some wonderful news last night regarding my title in Stampin' Up! Well, here, I'll just show you: I earned my Silver Title!  This is exciting because I am now eligible for even MORE benefits through Stampin' Up! They already gave me 25% commission on whatever I sold (or 25% off whatever I bought - let's face it, I'm my own customer!!) But now I earn team points, more flex points (used to earn the trip to Alaska!) and more of everythi… Read more

It's time for a PAPER SHARE!!

If you've never done it, a paper share is where you get to try out all sorts of new papers without buying the complete bundle. It is a wonderful way to check out new designer series paper without the high cost of buying several bundles. Usually the paper stacks (when purchased separately) cost between $10 - $22 each. What I do is divide the paper between the people who sign up and that way it decreases EVERYONE'S cost! What could be better?? Oh yeah, one thing could be better:… Read more

Wednesday Wonderland!!!

This winter has really decided to strike with a vengeance!  For years the weather people have talked about "El Nino" or whatever they call it, but this year it has delivered in spades. So how's your Wednesday?? Here, it is quite chilly with overnight temps in the low 40's. I know that sounds warm to some of you but believe me when I tell you that for Southern California it's downright frigid.  The high for today was supposed to be only 55 but it got all the way u… Read more

It is Fancy Stamper Friday....well that doesn't sound right! lol

Good morning everyone! Last night was such a late night getting everything prepared for our snow trip we are about to embark on. The final prep for gathering snow stuff plus a bit of 'survival' stuff for the drive up there kept us busy till well after midnight. So a bit of a late start this morning but we had not planned on beginning our journey till about noon anyway. Check in at our little rental cabin is 3 pm and with any luck (and a few prayers) we should be there by then. … Read more

Thankful Thursday!

Good morning, everyone! It is a rainy, cold Thursday here and I am very thankful for it. Because in southern California we've been in such a draught situation that the rain is welcome. Finally put together my Paper Pumpkin video and talk about technical difficulties! (click here) I know my last post was about that and besides being frustrating it takes a lot of time from your day trying to work through the problems. The video finally posted to YouTube but it is different from my us… Read more

Technical Difficulties

Good Morning everyone! Having technical difficulties this morning, but such is life. I had a sweet video all ready to go last night but somehow my iMovie ate half of it. Now I understand it is NEVER the computer's fault and is most likely 'operator error' but I still feel better blaming the computer. Hopefully I can study some of the tutorials and figure out what happened and fix it. Soon! In other news, our town is gearing up for a four day storm coming. It sounds silly t… Read more

Terrific Tuesday!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week so far. It is Tuesday and Sale-A-Bration is going strong. Have you heard of Paper Pumpkin?? It is a fantastic monthly subscription that Stampin' Up! offers and you can choose to just get one month, three, six, or even 12 months. Everything is included for one cost including shipping to you and each kit comes to you complete with everything you need to make a project. Most of the kits are multiples meaning you will be making more than one … Read more

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Today is Martin Luther King day, and the local schools are observing the holiday by taking a day off. I get the added pleasure of having my granddaughter spend the day with me so YAY!! Things are heating up here, well not literally. It is still chilly by California standards and probably will be 60 today as the high. The  news says another storm is coming and will be here by Thursday which is awesome because that means that the local mountains will get another snow storm. We are heade… Read more

Stampin' Up! Website is Down!!

Good Morning everyone!! Stampin' Up! site temporarily down: Sometimes when they do scheduled maintenance, the site stays down a little longer than usual. My guess is with the added volume lately due to Sale-A-Bration, they needed to do a bit more maintenance than usual. If you are trying to order something from my online store (open 24/7 - usually! lol) please be patient and try again later. You will still use the host code I gave you so that you can get an extra goody in your tha… Read more

So Technically it is Friday...

Good Morning, Everyone! It is time for another GIVEAWAY! Just comment on this blog entry and I will enter you for the giveaway. What could be easier?? Technically it IS morning, well, 12:04 am anyway. The truth is, when my hubs is on his night shift rotation I do not sleep well. It isn't that I'm scared or anything, I can't really put my finger on it. Just not sleepy. Believe me? Good. In other news, I am thinking we should have an online class to make a few cards. What do… Read more

Rainy Thursday

Hi Everyone! It is such a rainy day today. Started out raining last night, kept raining, dried up a tad, then it rained more! I'm not complaining, God knows we need the rain (or more accurately the snow pack in the Sierra's) and from what I hear the snow pack is leveling up nicely. 12-16 feet in Mammoth is what they are saying, so YAY!! Maybe California will be green this year or at least they won't scream when we water our plants. But I digress!! Sale-A-Bration is going s… Read more

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!

For me, this is a way happier day than yesterday. But maybe other people also feel that way about going to the dentist, I'm not sure. For me, I have always had problem teeth so dental visits are never much fun. Now that I'm a bit older I stay fairly close to my dentist (who is excellent, by the way!) so that I can preserve the teeth I still have! But enough about TEETH! I finally had some time to make a video or two, and I will link them here in this post so that you can take … Read more

Baby Birthdays and Chin Stitches!

Hi Everyone! It is a bit later than I normally share on this blog but the last couple days were eventful. My grandson Sawyer turned TWO yesterday and we had a spaghettini dinner and cake afterward to celebrate. He had been at Disneyland (despite the rainy weather here) for part of the day and he was happy to have his little celebration. Today Kiera (my granddaughter) came over mid-morning to do some crafting with me. We played with the "Cool Treats" stamp set and she made su… Read more

New Team Member!

Help me in welcoming my new direct team member: INGRID SCOTT!! As my direct team member this is a big thing in Stampin' Up!  As a hobby demonstrator I would not be so interested in having recruits but as a person trying to grow a business, it is important. Anyone directly recruited by me will be part of my growth as a demonstrator as well, and I will be responsible for helping them on their path whether it is to stay a hobby demonstrator or whether they also want to explore the bu… Read more

Sale-A-Bration Continues... More Excitement!!

As Sale-A-Bration continues, I will frequently post photos of cards I am creating based upon the new stamp sets that are being offered for the VERY FIRST time! Here are a few now: This is a super cute stamp set called Dragonfly Dreams and can also be purchased as a bundle with it's coordinating Thinlits to be used with a Big Shot or other die-cutting machine. The great thing about the bundles offered by Stampin' Up! is that by bundling (or buying the two together) you automati… Read more

Sale-A-Oration Is Here!!

Sale-A-Bration! What is it? Don't worry, it is my first one, too. Sale-A-Bration is a promotion running from Jan.4 through March 31 of this year where you are able to purchase from the new Occasions (spring) catalog and with every $50 in product - whether it is from the Occasions catalog or the Annual Catalog - you are eligible to get a completely FREE item from the special Sale-A-Bration brochure.  If you are worried that there isn't anything good in there, please do not wor… Read more

Paper Share Giveaway Winner!

The Winner of the Paper Share Giveaway IS: Christine Dam <3 Congratulations, Christine, and thanks for playing along with my giveaway while we all waiting patiently for the Stampin' Up! website to come back online. It is so  hard when everyone is antsy and wants to order. My recruit was super antsy because she was trying to JOIN. That is really I think I still have your mailing address so I will send out your paper samples tomorrow. I really appreciate all your support… Read more

Paper Share Giveaway!!!

But first, this: "Stampin Up website update from Sara Douglas: The system went down around midnight and they have been working around the clock to get it back up." What I heard is that they cannot even get into the system themselves at the present time and cannot send out emails to their demonstrators. I got this info from my UP LINE manager and I was extremely grateful to hear what is going on because I know a lot of you are waiting to order or JOIN my team!! So in the meanti… Read more

The Start of Sale-A-Bration!!

Kim Kardashian couldn't do it. Yes, seems as if the unthinkable has happened. The internet is temporarily broken! At least for Stampin' Up! fans, that is!  But not to worry, Stampin' Up! has got this. They will get the problems sorted out in record time. Because of all the excitement building up to this very special day of Sale-A-Bration, their site was likely overwhelmed and crashed from the sudden onslaught of activity. In past events, I have heard (being f… Read more

New Beginnings!!

This is going to be a fantastic new year for us all, I foresee many awesome things happening! As you know I am working towards earning my Alaska trip with Stampin' Up! But did you know that YOU can also earn the very same trip that I'm going on?? By joining Stampin' Up! during the Sale-A-Bration promotion period (January 4 - March 31, 2017) you will not only be gearing up to earn this awesome trip but have the opportunity to qualify for even more free stuff! For all the de… Read more

Happy New Year!

Well,'s official. It is now 2017! Here's to a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year for us all. I just announced the winner of the Tasty Truck 2.0 giveaway on my Facebook page, it was Syd from Ohio!! She is naturally lucky (from my recollection) but thankfully I don't have to rely on luck since I use this wonderful free site I found called . It allows you to do lots of stuff but choosing random winners is one of them that I use. To everyone who ha… Read more