Videos are Imminent!

Hi Everyone!
Well, it's Tuesday. Not a lot happening except I am trying to get as much Christmas wrapping and shopping done before we go on our trip to NYC next week. Less than a week to go, in fact. We will be gone till the 19th and then Christmas will be upon us and I should have everything wrapped that I currently have. We all know I will get a few more things in NYC and then I'll have to wrap them too!!

Also have a cute little gift to mail out to my up line. It is supposed to be all one word but the spell check always changes it to "spline" for some reason. Didn't even know that was a word!! My up line is very supportive and generous and is always giving us stuff. Not only to her customers but to her demonstrators and we all really appreciate it.

Getting back to the videos for a minute: my son and daughter in law gave me a generous gift card to Amazon because they knew I wanted some studio lighting so my videos would be visible. The lighting in my dining room is dim at best, and in my craft room it is slightly dimmer. Their gift allowed me to research and choose a couple of really good soft box type lights for a reasonable amount of money. Here they are:

You cannot tell from my iPhone but the lighting is soft yet BRIGHT. I am really looking forward to my first videos now. I already have a good tripod to set my iPhone up on and I am all ready, just figuring out what to demo for my first one. It doesn't have to be anything special, I just want something simple that I can do and be understood and that will turn out CUTE!  If you have any suggestions or requests, please leave me a comment below and I will try to do it.

I went hunting for some projects to use up some of my Christmas DSP in the 6" x 6" stacks, you would be surprised how much stuff is out there. From cute little gift boxes to gift bows, gift bags, and little candy holders, there's a lot to choose from. Seeing as this is the time of year when finances might be tight and yet you still want to show your appreciation for special people, it is a good thing to be able to whip up a cute little candy holder or something and give it from your heart. Just one bag of Hershey's Nuggets and some of the 6 x 6 paper and a stamp or two and you will have some adorable little gifts to hand out that did not cost you an arm and a leg!

Hubby is due home from his long 12 hour shift any time so I am going to go now. Hopefully I will get my first video done tonight and uploaded tomorrow at the latest. Remember to leave me a comment and sign up on my email list so you can get my blog in your email!

Take care, and Merry Christmas!


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    1. Thanks, Christine!! Thanks to you, I got a few extra things set up so maybe more people will see it. My last post I am going to try linking to my Facebook to see if it helps.
      As of today I just promoted to Bronze Elite, so I am doing a giveaway to celebrate. Yay for free stamp sets, right?? :D

    2. Congrats...glad I could help :) Free Stamp Sets are the best.

    3. I have a website thanks to my son (i have no clue) my blog is there with my facebook too. I'm waiting for the follows but nothing yet. If you build they will come right?? lol

    4. That's right, it was your son who was so helpful (but you relayed the message) and I am super thankful to you both!! The followers are hard to get but like Robyn tells us, if we do some videos that will drive the blogs. We need to get busy! :)


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