T'was the Day Before Christmas.....

.....And all through the house, the dinner host was scurrying about like a mouse!!

Ok, maybe like a squirrel.

Point is, I have lots to do and only till 4 pm to get it all done. I told everyone to come over around 4-4:30 because we are going to eat around 5-5:30 tonight which is pretty do-able for Christmas Eve. It lets people get last minute things done (like me) even though my stuff doesn't entail going out to stores, everything will be done in-house.

But first, a photo:
It is our tree, pretty much all the way decked out and with many gifts below it. The rest of the room is not fit for human consumption at the moment. This is actually our dining room (we have a fireplace in the dining room!) The table is in dire need of being cleared off so that I can set it for our dinner.

On my agenda:
1.  Clear dining room table.
2.  Clean n tidy kitchen, take 18 pound prime rib roast out to bring it to room temperature.
3.  Put away all wrapping supplies and unwrapped gifts to the dark depths of the closet.
4.  Peel 10 pounds of potatoes for mashed potatoes.
5.  Leave potatoes in pot of clean, cold, salted water.
6.  Un-wrap prime rib roast when it is room temp, season liberally, cover it. Pre-heat oven to 450.
7.  Take a shower.
8.  Get dressed.
9.  Put prime rib roast into oven at 450 uncovered for 30 minutes. Reduce heat to 325 and continue roasting for about 4 more hours. This step needs to happen no later than noon. Remove when internal temp of roast is 110-120. Let rest for 30 minutes before slicing (may cover roast to keep warm.)
10. Last minute tidy of both bathrooms.
11. Last minute tidy of living room and dining room and kitchen.
12. Set table - This needs to happen no later than 2:00 pm.
13.  Last minute tossing all indoor garbage containers, etc.
14.  Put on Christmas music or non-stop running A Christmas Story on TBS.
15.  Boil potatoes no later than 3 pm. They can sit in hot water till you are ready to mash.
16.  Assemble creamed corn mixture and set to warm no later than 3:45. May re-heat if needed.

When guests arrive we will chat for a bit till everyone is there. Usually I just have the simple side dishes on the dining room table so people can self-serve along with rolls and butter and salt and pepper. Then I will carve the prime rib in the kitchen and bring the guests each a dinner plate with their requested portion (large or small) of roast. They can add the side orders to their own plates that way and don't feel pressured to eat too much. I also keep a drink station in the kitchen and guests can pour their own soda or grab a water bottle. I put chilled sparkling cider on the dining room table and each guest has a simple wine glass for the sparkling cider, seems so festive that way!! I will take a picture of my table setting later, this year we did something a little different and went with all gold accented pieces except for my flatware.

Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas eve, and I hope you are enjoying your own family and friends as well. Leave me a comment and tell me what you are doing this year for the holidays...did you travel to see loved ones, did they travel to see you? What are you giving or getting for Christmas?? And when do you have to go back to work??

Talk later,
Love you guys!!