Thursday is a cold and blustery day!

Woke up this morning here in Smithtown, Long Island to howling winds and temperatures under 20 degrees!
A perfect day for a fire in the fireplace, baking cookies with Kiera, and catching up on her homework. Yes, even in Kindergarten they give them homework!! She got a whole folder full of it and is working on a few projects right now.

This is the gift card holder that I was making a video about before our trip. The funny (not funny) thing was, we were up so late the night before our flight and so behind on packing, etc., that the video was definitely a rushed affair. To add to the mayhem, the tripod broke, sending my iPhone clattering to the floor (not broken, thank God!) and the new soft box lights I bought and had not yet used (but had turned on to make sure they worked) malfunctioned. One of them wouldn't light up for whatever reason. So even in the face of all that adversity my husband said he would hold the camera (read: iPhone) over my head and film my short demo.

So where is this masterpiece, you ask?

Not here, that's for sure. While the content wasn't horrible (I mean, it was my first and I made some mistakes but I honestly wouldn't have minded showing the, especially for a first video) the filming was definitely not what I'd put out there. While hubby's heart was in the right place by offering to help, his cropping skills were not good ones. Besides my small work area, you could also see my messy craft table, the top of my messy head of hair, the tip of my nose, and most of my personal body in my house dress (read: no BRA.)

Not going to happen.

If it were like any other photo and I could simply crop it down to size, it would be here now. But that technology doesn't exist (in my world) so that video will be lost in the archives forever more.

Trust me, the next one will definitely be better. I've been asking some of the more senior team members and they are giving me their little pro tips. There are also a few simple suggestions on YouTube I'll be trying out. I don't want to pour a ton of money into something that might not work for me at all.

There was one set up that one of my team mates uses but she actually crafts at a small table next to a wall with a shelf above her head that she secures her camera to. I don't have that set up.

Everyone ready for Christmas??? Me too! Well, I'm pretty ready. Finished the last of my gift purchases the other day and now waiting for the stuff to arrive in the post so I can wrap everything up. All my mail has been sent out so that is a relief.

Next on the agenda: gearing up for the New Year!

2017; we are READY for you.

Talk to you later!