The Stampin' Up! Website lags Just a little bit....

But it finally caught up (only took a few hours) for them to officially mention that I am now a Bronze Elite!!
I couldn't be more excited about it, too! I started as a new demonstrator on October 11, 2016 and besides my daughter and daughter in law have only had one or two outside orders. Still, as a hobbyist I know I buy plenty of stuff and things will just get better as I improve and get the word out, right?

It was sort of weird when I placed the last order I knew I had gone over the money amount yet it didn't show up for awhile on the website. Boy, was I glad when it finally did. I kept re-adding up all the orders like a mad woman. Also, it was a surprise to me (albeit a happy one) to see that I got 10,000 flex points for moving up. Added to the 6688 points I already had, I now have over 16,000 towards my Alaska trip. That is so exciting to me. Evidently, when I advance to Silver and then Silver Elite, I will get more of those flex points and I will definitely need them.

Such an exciting day, but now I need to get back to wrapping Christmas gifts and watch the turkey in the oven. We don't want a repeat of Thanksgiving....oh, I didn't mention it, did I? I put the turkey in way too early and...well, have any of you ever seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? Remember the part where Clark cuts into the turkey and it basically just bellows out some steam and it is all dry and crunchy? Yes, same thing here just about. Plenty of gravy was passed around, let's just say that to be kind. Not like I haven't roasted a zillion (ok, 100) turkeys over my life time. I just put it in too early and the temp was too hot, like 450. WHY? I don't know. Seemed right at the time. Maybe I was making, I won't blame the cards. It was 100% me.

So I'll go watch today's turkey. We bought a second one when they were on sale and since we won't be home next week and since it is such a great, lean protein for me to use in my "clean eating" plan, it is ideal for us.

What do you think of the wallet I got my husband?

It even had a zipper on one of the compartments. I think he'll love it and God knows his old one is ready for the grave.
Ok, I will talk to you all later after some more wrapping!


  1. Yay you! If you ever need some essential oils to add a dab of scent to your creations, I can set you up! :D

    (diane T by the way, not sure what login this comment will show as)

  2. Hi this Diane from Facebook and LJ?? Awesome, I will definitely get you put into our drawing for the free stamp set to celebrate my promotion!! <3

  3. Hey lady! Love the site! (And the wallet!) Xoxoox

  4. Deborah, I loved looking at your site. As I told you before I am or use to be very crafty. I have never done the stamping stuff, but lots of other crafts. I also love the wallet you got for your husband. Congrats on your promotion and keep going up.

    1. Thank you, Marianne! Glad you liked all the crafty things. :D

    2. Hi Marianne!! Yay, I found your other comment, see I knew you had commented here before. Don't worry about this giveaway; like I said if you share my FancyStamper post on FB I will enter you anyway; I told everyone they would get an extra entry just for sharing that post. It is weird how the Google is sometimes glitchy. :D

  5. Replies
    1. Me is really nice! :)

    2. Chris, who are you?? You won the stamp set!!! Either respond here or on my FB page. :D


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